lack of offense expected but not the defensive collapse

Burris 28/36 (78% comp) 351 yards and 6 TDs.

for a team known for it's formidable defense, this total collapse is shocking. :o

Meh. Lack of offence has it share of blame

I have to agree. The defence did not go with the urgency they needed. Powell ran all over them as well. As Ellingson.

The 1st quarter time of possession says it all, the defense played over 10 minutes and ran out of gas by the 4th, it wasn't poor play by the defense, it was playing more minutes than your opponent's defense.

yep, Powell also tabbed the tabbies for 116 yards on the ground (6.5 yard avg.)

and while time of possession can place additional pressure on Steinauer’s unit, it is still up to the defense to make the necessary plays when called upon.(same with the offense)

our Achilles heel on defense is our field corner CStephens... I know I will get objections on that but,,,, if you watch games including this one ..whenever a good team needs a big passing play they look at 22 side....

IIRC, I think that this is the first bad game he's had all season. He was nominated for MOC for this team over Ted Laurent, so he must have done something right...

You contradicted your own theory...
If it weren't for poor play by the defense, they would not have been on the field for 10 minutes in the first quarter!