Lack of News on Ticats

I was on the Spectator site, looking for any scrap of news about the Tiger-Cats. There is only Steve Milton's article on the win, and about 87 articles about the NFL. 3DN, when it first came out of Drew Edward's "Scratching Post" blog, was a news-agretate site with links to all newspaper articles about the CFL.
Now, it's primarily Justin Dunk and that guy from Winnnipeg posting click-bait articles and the odd opinion piece. now, with almost everything being behind a pay-wall, it's incredibly frustrating to get timely news about the Tiger-Cats. Of course, since Torstar's hack-and-slash practices, we should be lucky to get a game recap once in a while...



I find this forum itself is a great source of up to date news. People like Grover, ottawacat and ExPat all provide good links to roster moves, injuries, depth charts and other CFL news tidbits. Many other people too numerous to mention also contribute.

Most of the time a neighbor will tell me about some Ti-Cat news and by that time I had already read that news on the forum 3 days earlier. That's why this place is great. :+1:


I guess I'm more frustrated that there is no longer a "beat reporter" for the team. While Drew certainly wore out his welcome with the team, he was a source of almost daily news on the team. I also miss the player interviews (not the pablum from the team's website, but the deeper journalism from Uncle Milty).


The really old "Scratching Post" was so much better. Like you said Drew kept us up to date on every little thing Ti-Cat related. The team should hire or assign somebody to run a similar site. The more fans can interact with the team the better.

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Honestly, I'd rather it be someone independant or working for an actual newspaper, as I don't want to be spoon-fed what the team wants us to read and hear.

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If there was some kind of counter Progressive narrative whether it be politics, Covid , race, gender ect you best believe Spec would find time and a reporter for a Ticat story.
Trouble is even then we still won't know a thing about Banks, Addison, Posey etc.


Drew was good at being a beat reporter but turned into an opinion writer/gossip columnist very quickly.


He would make time for a nice TC human interest story but basic stuff ?
For example... In 2015 punter Hugh O'Neil got hurt around mid season. His injury was never explained , never updated, never played here again and left as a FA. But you never read that from Edwards. As a beat reporter don't you have to , you know, sorta mention it ?


He was on vacation. Cut him a break.

Crash: When an evil alien from Venus takes over the mind of a kindly doctor, this is the result. :grin:


Hamilton Spectator does a poor job with Tiger Cat info and updates. I wonder own by “Toronto Star” has anything to do with it. Even the Toronto Sun use to have both Argo and Cat articles in their paper and now it’s hard to find any Tiger Cat info.

Drew thought it was important to post someting...anything every day.
keep the streak.
Then started bitching about how many days in a row he had worked. Constantly.
Not a good narrative in this hard working city IMO.

But how many people get their sports news from newspapers?
welcome to the 2020s, people under 65 are not opening their papers and going to the sports sections.
People stream their news, and if you want CFL news you go to TSN or 3D nation or this CFL website, reddit or do a google search for CFL!
In this digital age when something happens in the CFL we get instant info, it can pop up on your screen, we don't have to wait for newspapers to print it out a day later.
It's all about streaming now Just like TV broadcasts and people cutting the cord.

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I get my newspapers on line and in the digital world. I’m just saying that CFL news in the papers are few and far between. But you can get pages and pages of NFL stories. I do stream all other sources of sports news throughout.

Of course you can get pages and pages of NFL stories, with 32 teams that's a lot of news,

We don't get sports journalism any more, and anything posted on social media platforms is the exact message the teams wish you to hear. There are no journalists, to my knowledge, investigating the blew team's coaching salary irregularities, no practice reporting, no injury updates, no deep player interviews, no holding the coaches and players accountable, etc.
I'm a Gen Xer, and even though I'm in the IT field, I prefer to READ my news instead of watching a 2-minute video of a takling head reading off a teleprompter, or whatever bit of "Rah Rah Team" tripe from individual team "reporters" who are actually employees of said teams. Hardly an independant press.

BTW - I read all newspapers online. Can't exactly get the Spec to deliver to Ottawa...

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You can't get the Spec in Ottawa? you can subscribe to it and read it anywhere, what is on-line is the same as on paper but it continually updates. I read the Spec in Florida but I'm not a subscriber so I can only read 4 articles before I have to refresh

I'm fairly sure that I can't get the daily print copy of The Spec up here, unless Torstar has a printing facility in Ottawa. I read it online, as I have family that have physical subscriptions. There really isn't much there any more.

I used to have the Citizen, Post and Sun delivered when I lived in Ottawa. Would take them to work in the morning and read them. Felt guilty when people walked by my cubicle, tough to hide the paper copies. A lot easier when I could read them on-line and easy to hide.

Did you know that this website was originally created back in 2006 by Bob Young, now I can look at my comments from 15 years ago, amazing how things change, opinions, loyalties etc.

Yes, I was one of the first members. Different name back then.