Lack of leadership and lack of respect.

Looks like practice got sideways for at least 15 mintutes after our two favorite numbnuts went after each other in practice today. Right in front of the HC and the OC.

Ce matin j'étais présent à la pratique des ALS. En premier lieu Carter n'a pas une tête sur les épaules c'est une boule. Alors que tous les autres joueurs font la période de réchauffement avec des exercises, lui Carter se tient debout et fait le pitre. Vraiment stupide. Le pire JIM ne fait rien. Voyant cela les deux autres receveurs de l'équipe à savoir Cunningham et Staffort ont fait de meme que Carter alors que les autres joueurs se conformaient aux exercises des entraineurs. Le vrai coupable...JIM...qui laisse faire. Cato avait raison de faire une montée de lait contre Carter. Carter se fout de tout. Il ne prend pas son role au sérieux.

Dehors Carter.

Absolutely no way Trestman or Matthews would have let this sort of thing slide. You play how you practice. Carter's in-game performance isn't the problem -- he's our best receiver, easily. He talks, but backs it up on the field. It's the other receivers with only half his talent thinking they can goof who are the problem. Those guys need to be disciplined and focused if they want to have an impact.

Jim Popp = not a real coach

We know about Popp, but what about Chapdelaine in all this?

I doubt Sweet would let any of his o-linemen slack off.

Agreed. Of course no French-language paper is going to hold Chapdelaine accountable, but he (along with Calvillo) deserves his fair share of blame. He is the receivers coach – this is his unit.

Sorry guys. This is the ultimate responsability of the Head Coach.

There are some serious issues with maturity and leadership by some players and a complete lack of fortitude by Popp.

It's not an either-or, man. I agree completely that the head coach is ultimately responsible but Chapdelaine, a veteran coach, can't escape blame here. He's the receivers coach.

We are going to blame the "consultant" who Calvillo said last week has no say ? Really :wink:

The dynamics of the team are the responsability of the HC. This is exactly why I don't like the GM and HC being the same guy. How do you put your foot down when in the back of your head you know you have to extend the guy in a few months ? You end up with this where certain players get special privileges or have more latitude than others.

This just confirms what we suspected was going on internally with this team.

Has no say in the playcalling, sure. But he is still the receivers coach! It's his job to ... coach up the receivers. He is not a consultant in that role, THAT IS HIS OFFICIAL JOB.