lack of halftime adjustments

2 points scored in 2nd half in t.o, zero tonight.
poapoa like barressi last year didnt have an answer tonite for als 3rd quarter fixtures.

kavis' defence again giving a guy like calvillo too many 10 yard cushions. good night!

marshall has the responsbility to oversee the whole operation and maybe he's in over his more excuses! after thur in calg something has to be done unless the team overall improves.

You guys out here are too hard on them, they are just getting it together. It is definately a better team than last year so I mean don’t give up so early. You watch and see it will come together and we will have one hell of a team.

Go Cats Go!!!

blind faith, ive been saying this since the start of the marshall era and now with our new free agents who were suppose to save the day. it's all pretty apparent.
before you know it we'll be 0-4. is this the other 80% of the offence poapoa was saving in the pre season?
kavis reed has basically the same db corps for the 3rd season.
what improvement has anyone seen in that regard from last season?

Well, Paopao was notorious for this with Gades too and what cost them games.

That and his stubborn and often ill-timed use of the hitch pass.

Maas led you guys back to within 3 at half. Als made the adjustments and essentially shut you down in 2nd half. Maas couldn't keep momentum going.

all momentum the ticats would get, would be gone the second boreham missed his FG's...woulda been tied at the half.

anyone notice boreham girl doesnt want to show her face tonite..hahaha