Lack of facebook likes a marketing disaster

Listen up guys will you get on to facebook and like your club and indeed every club if you are on facebook. marketeers use likes as a real indication of where to spend and it is currently a disaster for us.

Take Toronto figures rounded to the nearest thousand

Leafs 630,000
Jays 465,000
Raptors 363,000
Argos 11,000

No surprise to see the Leafs ahead and the Jays are in MLB which is one of the big 2 pan continental leagues but only 11,000!!!! compared to many hundreds of thousands for the big Pan continental franchises. It is shockingly bad.

Argos not alone. Both the Esks and Stamps from the prairie heartlands have only 13,000.

Get on to the site and like every team. Mention this to your friends as well. this matters to the marketing dollar believe me.

screw facebook

I'm not arguing in favour of facebook. It is wildly overused by kids and I rarely bother with social media.

What I am saying is that the numbr of "likes" is now a key marketing indicator and I am suggesting that forumers who are on facebook "like" their club to help boost CFL numbers in a free and easy way on a very important indicator. No more than that .

yeah, I get that. I just hate facebook and twitter. sigh

I only 'like' things on Facebook that I, you know, actually like and want updates on. I'm not going to like the Argos, Als, Stamps, etc. for any reason. I don't want, nor need, info on them. You like a fan page because you are a fan; if you're not a fan of a team, there is no reason to like it.

is there a place where I can "like" pepsi and pizza???

Facebook is dead

It's nice to see the Argos trying to break into the social media scene, but their "Argo Admirals" on Twitter are an embarassing failure. Billed as the "Elite Social Media Team" - - except instead of using actual "diehard fans" the Argos have a bunch of high school interns with little knowledge of personnel or football in general. Easy to see why nobody's interested in hearing what they have to say.

Facebook is for 14 yr old girls. If you are a guy over the age of 20 that uses it regulaly...have a deep look in our mirror!

Facebook is really great for us geezers to keep in touch with our various and many friends and family spread all over the planet. It’s not just for teens even if you say it is.

there is this really new invention called email

Then there is reg mail, and even a thing called a telephone.

You can even make free calls thru the internet and speak face to face.

You haven't got a clue what you're even talking about.

I thought you were hi tech guy - - babbling on about how MRX doesn't meet your standards for content management web design. Now you're recommending regular postage mail over Facebook?

Next you can tell everyone how you text message via carrier pigeon by tying your cell phone to the bird's leg.

Boy, do some of the responses on this thread demonstrate why nobody here should be working in a marketing department. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Something we agree upon. We've been calling them out on a few things, and there has been some horrible spelling mistakes.

You forgot Toronto FC with 76,767
So the numbers do represent the interest in Sports in Toronto - Leafs first, Jays, Raptors, TFC then the Argos

That's the way I use it too rpaege.

the CFL's facebook page only has 77K likes. that is sad.
theScore has 71K. ( which is about equal to their TV ratings..haha )

Believe me big sports franchises are very aware fo the value of a high number of facebook likes, twitter followers etc. The Habs for instance lead the Leafs by a factor of 3 to 2. You bet your shirt the Leafs marketing man are keenly aware of that and I tell you industry is as well.

It is easy to dismiss it as teen stuff but marketeers do not. Besides that it is a very useful indicator of the real impact a franchise/club has among the under 25s especially who are tomorrows ticket buyers. The Argos should be horrified to have a mere 11,000.

heh heh, Hey, I was just poiinting out options.

As for being HI tech, never said that. I was in IT. I was a programmer analyst for main frame and client server systems. I know enough to comment on the efficiency of a website.

One reason I dont like facebook and twitter cause I think it contributes to reduction in traffic on these sports message forums.

about 10 yrs ago, I decided I had enough of trying to keep up with the latest in hardware and software. So I dont like anything thats new these days.

Just like I love watching non HD on my 6 yr old 36 inch full screen tv. I hate wide screen and am not impressed with HD. It doesnt look real. If you look out the window and film what you see and show it in HD and non HD, the non HD will look more like what you actually see out your window.