Lack of Creativity from Cats' OC

I don't want to be negative. The Cats played well showed promise and all that BUT
Once again our OC lacks any type of creativity. Where are the swing passes to Lumsden. I saw lots of passes to Cates.
Why din't we just tell the Rider Defence we were giving it to Lumsden on 2nd and two with a little over a minute to go. No fakes etc. I was sure Printers was going to fake it to lumsden and take it himself but NO he hands it off and Lumsden gets stopped and we know the rest of the story.
Yes the Cats played well. But we failed to take advantage of a good team without their starting QB and one of their better receivers. At the end of the day it's another loss.
In my opinion, we were out coached again.

That's right dwell on the negative rather than find the positive, seriously it was a good game that could have went either way, some penalties missed, some shouldn't have been called, THAT is why the game is played, get over the loss and look at the potential this team has, we will compete game in and game out!!!!

If Printers kept it himself after a fake and then gets sacked b/c Sask reads that play then everyone would say, "why wouldn't you just give it to Lumsden, he can get two yards on his own easily." Point is, it's easy to second guess after the fact. No one complains that they gave the ball to Lumsden on the first two plays which generated a first down and 8 yards towards another 1st down.

We lost this game on defense not offense. Hey, last year we would have been blown out by their second string QB, this year, we were in the game till the end. In fact, we put up more yards and points against their defense than any other team thus far. I say, that's pretty darn good.

The call to Lumsden was an odd play in that situation, in my opinion. It was a slow developing play with the line pulling left and Lumsden taking a slow handoff to follow the blocking and then cut up through any hole he saw.

This one called for less misdirection, and more straight forward power, I think. Leave the end around to Casey if the D lines up to punch back a power push. Otherwise, you are going to make SOME yards.

Again, just my opinion.

They should have went for the 3rd and 2. You know that Sask was going to get points if they got the ball back and they did and we lost. Bad call bt the coach

tcmike, you've got to be kidding??? 3rd and 2??? With a 1 point lead, that's suicide and would have been the worst call in coaching history.

I thought it was an odd call. Everyone in the stands around me thought it was a weak call. I have no problem giving it to Lumsden but can we not do something to make it less obvious?.With a 1point lead and 1.5 minutes to go, you need to put together a drive. With two yards to get and potentially two shots at it, it should be a given especially with a back like Lumsden and Printers at QB. That's where we lost the game. Not the controversial call. We should never have given them that opportunity.

TCfan....I totally agree with you.
If Casey fakes it to Lumsden, then bootlegs to the right he can either run it(only needing two yards), or he can have the option to throw off of that play also. I really thought that play cost them the game. Second and two and we couldn't make it when we had to. With one minute and thirty seconds to go, one more first down would have down it.

there's a reason he earned the nic "bellefool" when he was in Sask.

Call the right play amd its an easy first down. Sask would expect it up the middle. An screen play is an easy 2 yards

We have lost way too many games with boring predictable plays. They need to take a chance. And like I said it they gave the ball back we lose and thats what happened

Coaching and play calling was fine.

It came down to execution and we lost to the Grey Cup champs and a 3-0 team.

Great game.

If he gets the first down the cats win and its a good call. You take your chance with lumsden and two yards any day of the week whether they know its coming or not. Our best on their best and they won that battle and the game. Could imagine the posts if there was a pick or something on the play. On to next week.

Well CK you might be right but we will continue to lose if we are too predictable. Where is the QB option, the screen passes. Every yard Lumsden got was pretty much up-the-middle hard earnedyards. We have to get him the ball in more open field andlet himrun over people. I believe Lumsden got one pass on 1st and 20 and he romped 15-16 yards but they never went back to him through the air. How many touches did Lumsden get. How many did Cates get. I know Cates got several passes his way.
I don't want to appear negative. The Cats did look good. No one is denying that. Lumsden, Bauman, Miles all played well. But next week we will face a tough Calgary team and whether we play well or not we could be 1-3 instead of 2-2.

Beet is wise.

That, in a nutshell, is what the game came down to.

I would have put my money on Lumsden and the Cats, but instead, kudos to the Riders for a game winning stop.

Predictability and fooling the D is over rated IMO.

It comes down to execution. Our best against their best.

Our strengths against their strengths.

Whomever wins those batlles, wins the game.

We lost on the 2nd and two. Good call, congrats to the Riders D.

I'm not saying Lumsden should not have got the ball. He's the guy I would have given it to. But the whole Rider team lined up in the middle knowing Lumsden was getting it and coming up the middle. No fakes no end run. We don't make any attempts to diguise anything and get stopped. Add to that it was the third time in a row Lumsden got the ball after a 10-12-yard run and an 8-yard run. He was not Not just stopped but stuffed. A little creativity and we control our own destiny.

Why do you need to be creative?? The offence was fine!!! I have no problem giving the ball to Lumsden on that play. What would you rather do throw a pass? If its incomplete the clock stops anyways. It was the right play. Sometimes the defense wins the battle in the trenches.

TC fan - next time make sure you get your call into the OC so you can run the double reverse. Like CaptainKirk said our best v their best. They did a good job you have to give them credit.

I would have liked to at least see tre and jesse in the backfield to keep the defence from keying on one guy.