Lack of coverage of July 1st game by Sportsnet 590

I sent the following e mail a few minutes ago to Sportsnet 590 re coverage of the Tiger-Cats-BC game:

"I am outraged that on Canada Day with a CFL ( Hamilton v BC!!!) game underway starting at 7pm there was NOT ONE WORD on the score on your 680News 8: 16pm sportscast.

Good coverage of the Blue Jays.....other MLB scores...NHL trades...some soccer score from Europe and a golf story. But I sat in my car in complete disbelief that there was no mention of a CFL game which was underway at the time just 45 minutes down the road from Toronto.

This is disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

I also checked their website. It's pathetic. They had the half-time score on there but their CFL news webpage is a week behind. No mention of tonight's game being played.

Just got off the phone with a Sportsnet producer.
He says he has sent a memo to his on air staff to make sure CFL scores etc are included in their sportscasts.

They have to be told???? Hmmm.

Anyway....I thanked him for listening to my rant. :slight_smile:

So if you want CFL news why don't you listen to TSN 1150 or TSN 1050 ?

With Sportsnet, it may be a "lack of coverage" on radio but, on TV, it's a lack of knowledge of the CFL. In this recent show, one of their "star" hosts is impressed with Henry Burris being named MOP at age 40, saying "That's never happened before." O.K., technically correct, I guess -- Damon Allen wasn't 40, he was 42. They've certainly chosen a very appropriate name for their new feature, where they'll be educated about the league regularly, by their guest.

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slim: I live in Peterborough and was north of the city. I could not get those stations in my car.
But that is not the issue. Any 24 hour Canadian news/sports station should be up to date with ongoing CFL games.
I'm just doing my part by pointing out the obvious to a station that should know better.

Mr62 you did yourself proud. If these bozos need to be told to get with the program, so be it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well done! (Assuming you were respectful on the phone, as I'm sure you were.)

sully: Yup.
I made my "Tiger-Cat fan" status clear from the beginning so we started off with a chuckle. I am a retired radio guy so I wrote up a story that would have provided the information I was looking for....and read it to him. It took all of 4 secs ! The guy agreed with me that it should have been in the sportscast.
You do what you can. :wink:
Seems to me many of this new generation of Toronto radio and TV sports folks (eg Jennifer Hedger) are dazzled by the NHL, MLB and NBA. To them, the CFL and it's legion of fans are nothing more than an afterthought. The CFL and especially the Blue Team are being shortchanged.

This is not a story, regrettably it has been going on for years and will continue.
We are dealing with a corporate Rogers anti CFL/Argos media outlet and combination US wannabe situation.

It's not a


story but it is frustrating that a Toronto station would consciously choose to ignore or denigrate a Canadian institution. I don't understand the logic 'if it's not the NFL it must be crap'. They don't seem to have a problem with U.S. College Football (which isn't the NFL) so it's really hard to understand.

I stopped listening to 590 sometime ago. When I was in my NFL stage (and in a pool) I listened to that awful show on Sunday mornings. I listen to it now and I think those guys and just cranky and they're certainly not having any fun.

I envy you radio guys and the ease of which you’re able to talk to other people. I spent some time in the 680 News / CityNews newsroom while working for big red and it was the most hilarious workplace I’ve been in. It’s not something that comes naturally to us computer people…

Speaking of "lack of coverage", have you ever noticed that the Tuesday night TSN2 replay of the "viewer-selected" CFL game is almost always the Toronto game? Unless it was against Hamilton, and never if it was a loss?

And where do we viewers get to cast our ballot? :slight_smile: