Lack of Continuity

One of the problems we've had all year is a lack of continuity on Offense, Defence, and Special Teams. Every week we shuffle the deck for a variety of reasons. The players don't have a chance to get to know each other's tendencies, and as a result, every game is like pre-season. Some of the personnel shuffling is necessary due to injury or lack of talent. The one change I don't understand is putting Walker on returns last night. Curry was the Special Teams player of the week. Why not try to build on what is working, and leave him there for another week? It's a curious tendency this coaching staff and management have to not just want to tinker each week, but blow everything up and start again, whether it's an issue or not.

agree 100%

I think Taafe is very desparate to find some combination of players that will get some wins (and save his job). The only continuity this year is week after week after week results in loss after loss after loss.

If he could've started the season with a couple of wins spinkled in with the losses, I think he could afford to be more patient. As it is, he must really be feeling the heat. Look at his face after the losses. The man looks totally confused and demoralized.

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