Lack of Canadian QBs

Here is an idea to try and increase the number of Canadian qbs. The we should go back to the big ball, today the ball is virtually identical to the American ball, but if we used bigger balls (not just in CFL, but also in CIS high school et.) then there would be an advantage for Canadians since they learned to play with a big ball.

I would like to see a rule implemented where each team must have a Canadian QB is their system. (Either on the active roster or practice roster)

there are not enough quality Canadian QB's in the System today to fill that rule.

there are at the most! 3 right now.

every other QB in the System in CIS is inadequate.

Id like to see a whole year go by without us digging up and rehashing this topic. The short version is that there arent enough canadian QBs to fill up a roster spot on every team and you don't see canadian QBs because QB is the most important position on the field and americans learn football starting at a much younger age than canadians and are way ahead of their canadian counterparts and the position is too important to go with anyone but the best possible choice

Current rules about Canadian ratio are fine and discriminating enough for Americans. Teams are free to hire Canadian quarterbacks but choose not to do so. Fielding a good team is hard enough without more restrictions.

the better athletes know that they will not make a CFL roster at the QB position and if they want to play in the CFL they have to excell at an other position.
so instead of imposing more restrictions maybe the CFL should look at ways to increase funding and improved training manuals for the grass roots, highschools , junior and CIS so that they can improve their coaching so that as the players move up then they are better prepared to play at the next level at all positions.
in the long run this will only give the CFL better quality Canadians comming out of the CIS and Junior programs.

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :wink:


If there were more than the current amount of Canadian QBs in the league, something would be amiss, like stars not in the correct formation at night.

There's 120 NCAA Div. I FBS and 126 NCAA Div. I FCS, plus whatever the number is in Div. II. There's approximately 240 NCAA Div. III programs as well.

I'm shocked there are ANY Canadian qbs in the CFL.

They should just include QBs in the ratio. Give an advantage for a team like Calgary for having Brad Sinopoli on the roster, but doesn't affect teams who don't carry a Canadian QB. The one or two guys who may have a shot to play pro are more valuable to their respective teams, and yet you don't compromise the quality of the league or the integrity of the current ratio.

Essentially just mandate teams carry 20 NI, 22 Imports. Have them declare 3 QBs and 3 designated imports. Easy solution.

So who is going to pay to the salaries of those Canadian backup bench warmer QBs?

Unless BOTH the starting and 2nd stringer QB in the SAME game, the CIS-oriented qb will NOT see action. We know that because on Monday morning, someone from the USA will get signed and picked up and can do the job better than the 3rd teamer.