Lack of assistant coaching experience

It seems we are getting outcoached.

We are not changing anything up on defence and making it very easy for the opposition to see what we are doing.

Lots of rookies, I know, but we need more creativity to disguise our coverage. How about showing blitz, then backing off or maybe a couple of man to man sets?

We need to have our assistant coaches get creative on the coverage.

1st priority...improve O-line
2nd priority....Cut Brock Ralph

O-line is a little better tonight for protecting Jason. Brock Ralph is a wasted roster spot.

Yea, that 70 yard TD showed what a slouch Ralph is...

1 catch ( not even a difficult one )does not make up for the 4 dropped passes and offside call.

id trade that 1 TD catch for the 4 he missed, cuz the 4 he missed killed promising drives and any momentum hamilton was gaining.

Re adjustments:

To be fair, we were much better in the second half defensively because we stepped up the pressure on Calvillo by blitzing more.

The use of Holmes and Lumsden in the second half simultaneously was also a good adjustment, IMHO.

If we can eliminate stupid penalties and take more decisive shots downfield from the start of the game, I think the offense showed plenty of signs of life tonight to be optimistic.

The O-line is a work in progress. The 2nd half effort was a heck of a lot better, witness the Lumsden rushing effort. We need to establish Lumsden earlier in the game to set the tone and to punish the opposing front seven.

Oski Wee Wee,

The O-line improved after Cook was replaced by (future all-star?) Dyakowski.

Indeed. He should start, IMHO.