Lack of a broadcast schedule

any one else think the lack of a broadcast schedule proves CTV will air some games?

It's not like they'll fail to air games, and if it was just TSN airing the games why wouldn't they already have the broadcast shedule?

TSN's monopoly on broadcasts begins in 2008

Yes this is the last year of the "previous" contract.
A swan song for the CBC if you will.

my bad

yup, so basicly TSN is talking to CBC to see if CBC will get to Broadcast any games at all this year. lol, The only one I want CBC to broadcast are Saturday/Sunday games. NO TSN SHOWING RACING OVER CFL GAMES!!!

All games should be on TV this year, Saturday prime time games on CBC and Labour day and Playoffs the rest go to TSN.

It would be nice to see the last week of pre-season on TV too, add in alot of TSN pre-season build up.

I'm sure all games will be on TV ... they'd better be ... I too hope there will be more hype for the upcoming CFL season on TSN (and also the Score, and Sportsnet, etc).

I really, really hope at LEAST one game a week is on CTV (next year), as well as the playoffs (obviously).