LabourDay: 1st place Roughriders vs 1st place Bombers???

whens the last time both the praire teams have faced off on labour-day both in 1st place ( as can potentially happen this year )?


Go Bombers! Who's says the Riders are gonna be 1ST? LOL

I do.

I do too...and Im on record now.

And I echo that same sentiment for the Bombers squad. They got some good fans. I cant wait to beat them back to Lose-a-peg, and then burn down Canadinns(dumbest stadium name ever) Stadium whith a HOT Rider football team, in what will forever be and forwardly known as the September Massacre.

Oh yes, lifting the Rider Nation to an all time high. At 8-2 post massacre, they can realistically consider going 6-2 down the strech. Even if they went 3-5, a win against divisional opponent BC and a split with Calgary and a win in Edmonton, would all but seal a home playoff game, making Saskatchewan the odds on favorite to win the cup. Did I mention we have Hamilton back to back in October?


wow man really going out on a limb there. by labour day the blue and gold will have all its defensive starters back and look out cuz we'll be a coming for ya. i can't wait to see my bomb squad to blow up mosiac stadium (even worse name for a field) and return to winnerpeg just to bea the plainsville riders all over again.

no offence to the riders in anyway actually. they have a great team this year. jsut figured i would back my blue like u back the riders.

That's an easy one...
It has never happened before. Not on Labour Day or any other day.
But bet on it being the case this year!!

It's Canad Inns, and its a Hotel chain...

sounds like a bunch of gay fairy's came up with the name for your stadium...

Rainbow Pride?

Do I have to post pictures of my girlfriend? Or are we gonna start with the mama jokes next? Im 30, I know what I have and I know what I want. Shes no Pam Anderson(said it herself) but shes a cheerleader with the Riders team!

Mosaic is a potash corp. just outside of Regina who has sponsered the Riders to the point of respectability. Its still Taylor Field AT Mosaic Stadium and coincedentally I think it suits the rows of multi-colored seats that you see when its empty. Ooops, I forgot ur a Bomber fan, you'll never see it empty. Probably dont even know or care what a mosaic is...heheheh

Now that I know Im smarter and more mature, I bet I could beat you at well...anything guy! Cheers on labour day, you'll need it!


Don't forget modest, I'd hate to see you sell yourself short. :wink:

....IF///the Bombers and Riders are leading their respective divisions come Labour Day...this is going to be a barn -burner////whose barn gets burnt?????....well lets just say i believe we are playing in the Riders digs...and we'll be bringing some heat????? looking forward to it..... :rockin: :rockin:

I never called you gay so I don't know what that first part was about, a little quick to defend yourself on that point, no?

I see you think Mosaic is a fine name because it is a company that sponsors the stadium, yet you say Canad Inns is a dumb name even though it's the name for the very same reason...

extremely mature like you said.

Jeepers people!

Let's all just enjoy the buildup to the best game of the season!
Of course I want the BnG to win but I'll settle for an awesome game. Cause great football is just great football!!!
The two best teams in the matter what the stats say!
I'M SYKED!!!!!

I want to go to regina for that game.
Tickets are sold out but I have never had a problem buying them from a scalper.
Plus Labour day is a good time in Regina even if we have to watch the game on the big screen.

Well, this suddenly got interesting. Saskatchewan will either be alone in first or stuck in second, depending on what happens tomorrow. But they won't be tied with B.C. anymore.

After last night’s result, the possibility of the Labour Day game being between two 1st place team is much closer. IMO, this game could be a GC preview-- with the Riders winning both… :wink:

Speak for yourself sambo, the Bombers still have alot of work to do, especially on defence and special teams where they are still missing a couple pieces to the puzzle. Despite their winning record, most of their wins have come from behind and been squeakers at best. However, I do believe that come seasons end they will be playing their best football, whether that will be good enough remains to be seen.

You aren't suggesting the Bombers can't beat TO at home right now?
Because I think the Riders will hold up their end of the deal in a few hours and then if Winnipeg beats TO we have the big 1st place show down....

We all saw what happened when the Bombers played a team more desperate for a win in Hamilton. The Argos are in the same boat (pun), they need the win, if they drop to 2 - 6, it could be lights out. The Bombers should win at home against the qb-less Argos but nothing is certain. Another below average game by the Bomber defence could spell trouble for them.

Quietly confident.
I like that!
How is the injury bug for the Bombers right now?
I think once the defence gets back its regulars and they can play together a few games, Greg Marshall will have them playing solid football again.

No confidence in your team piggy? Do you think that the bombers can win on Labour Day? I say they can, but IMO, it will be the Riders that win and by 10+ pts.