Labour Day

Ticats first to announce sellout , hope the rest of the games follow suit . A nice classy video as well.

Had to know it would sell but still good to see.

Are you going? Or is there a reality television show on Monday night?


You got me.

SK is sold out ,few singles and the Banjo bowl is well on it's way. Both well over 30k ! Tons of Bomber fans will be making the drive.( biggest issue is, finding one guy who will drive,while There is nothing like the atmosphere in SK and WPG, when these teams meet. Both Regina and Winnipeg are in party mode all wknd . Bars are packed all wknd, both cities are buzzing and truly celebrate the game all wknd long.

It's the bingo spot on the schedule for both teams as far as attendance. You don't even have to market these games they just sell out regardless of the products on the field.

With the game now sold out I see the Ti-Cats are now inviting non ticket holders to come down for the free concert in the south plaza between the U of T and Mac game and the Argos - Cats game and inviting people to stay for a 'game viewing party' outside of Gate 2 on the south plaza area - watching on the big video board at the north end. I wonder how many will do that?

Winnipeg has ZERO chance of winning in Sask. They have a 2% chance of winning the Banjo Bowl back in the Peg. Riders finally have an opponent who is in their talent level. 2 game Rider sweep is pretty much guaranteed. :rockin: :cowboy:

You get crushed in the Banjo bowl and we get crushed on LDC . It's fair :rockin:

I hope that in the next season we see an Ottawa/Montreal game on the weekend so that fans can actually travel to the city to take in a game. In the three years that Ottawa has been back in the league, these two teams have played nine times with every game on either a Thursday or Friday. The upcoming game this Thursday won't sell out because a Redblacks fan living in Ottawa won't be able to make a day trip out there, assuming they work Thursday and Friday. Hopefully next year, they schedule a weekend game or two to really drive up the rivalry and get the fans travelling to the opposing team's stadium.

(Maybe more for Montreal's sake since Ottawa has no problem selling out games)