Labour Day

I am wondering which genius at CFL headquarters approved 1 game. Only on Labour Day?
As an Argo fan I am disappointed by the lack of a Ticat Argos matchup but only 1 game?

Rogers is to blame, not, i repeat NOT the CFL

Rogers is to blame for no game at Skydome, but Rogers is not, I repeat NOT to blame for the Argos/Ti Cats not scheduled to play somewhere on Labour Day. That decision was made by the CFL and the CFL alone.

The CFL had there hands tied on this and had very few options. Rogers Centre is not available on Labor Day nor is it available the next weekend.
I still would have liked to see Montreal hosting Toronto at McGill on Labor day. For the following week Toronto could have played Hamilton at Guelph and Montreal and BC could have matched up at either venue.
If the traditional Labor Day game was interupted do to the lack of a facility then there would be no need for Montreal vs Toronto and BC vs. Hamilton to play back to back weeks. There is nothing special or traditional about these sets of teams having to play each other in back to back weeks.
Now the Traditional Friday night follow up week with Calgary at Edmonton boasts crowds of 40k and the Riders visiting the Bombers has evolved into the Banjo Bowl. Those are special and highly attended and watched games but BC visiting Hamilton the following week not a big deal. Savoring the 2nd part of the Labor Day double header with Toronto and Hamilton would be of much more interest

Skydome is empty for 36-37 hours before gates would open and by their own admission the field takes up to 30 hours to convert. Realistically the field could be ready 6 AM morning of the game. Only if the Jays were to break a baseball record with the longest game (over 8 hours) would it get tight, but still the field could be ready by 10 AM game day. And that is absolute worst case scenario. So how is Skydome not available?

But we'll assume for argument sake that it can't be done and the game must be played on Tuesday. Guelph is not available? Lamport? Were any venues available for Sunday? And if all else fails and the game absolutely, positively must be played at Skydome on Tuesday night why is their opponent Montreal and not Hamilton? What prevents the Ti Cats from making the trip down the QEW for a Tuesday night game? Absolutely nothing. If the CFL's hands were tied they did it themselves because there is absolutely no viable reason why Hamilton and Toronto could not have played this game. Moving it one day to Tuesday (and I still don't believe they were zero options for Monday) would have been preferable to no game.

The CFL's inability to solidify a schedule in an reasonable timeframe initiated this problem. Welcome to the real world gentleman, your 8 measly home dates are not top priority for the large multi venue building like Skydome where it will always be Blue Jays first and all other first come first served. As any savvy businessman would expect.

Also, the CFL has failed to listen to it's fans or learn from history as recent as 2 years ago.

First you only took one quote out of my post taking what I said out of context to a point. There is however no field at all available in the GTA to have a Labor Day game. I am sure that Rogers Centre could have been turned into football config but at a cost of plenty of overtime to the Union workers in which neither Bob Young are the CFL were willing to pay the cost. Lamper stadium is not an option for a regular season game.
Another problem was that Rogers was unavailble this year for the week after labor Day game which is really not a big draw anyway.
The rivalry game was moved to Thanksgiving Day still making it a holiday for the game.
Without the game on Labor Day actually being played in the traditional Hamilton the choice was made for a secondary rivalry between the Argos on tues when Rogers was availble and the following week at McGill.
Back to back Ray vs. Callivillo match up should draw a lot of interest on TV even on that tues night as most people will be home resting after a long weekend of activities. SO between TSN and RDS it may get some really good ratings as everyone lazily sits on their couch and watches the game.

Drew Edwards wrote:

The Argos, severely limited by the availability of the Rogers Centre, will host the Montreal Alouettes on Tue., Sept. 3. While the Labour Day date is open at the Toronto stadium, [b]Rogers Centre officials have previously said they can't get the facility ready in time following a Blue Jays baseball game on Sunday[/b].

So how is that the CFL's fault?

It is not the CFLs fault and they made a schedule that is a little different from the usual labor Day weekend schedule but does keep all of the Labor Day weekend games from fri night, sun, Mon, and tues night all on regular CFL home fields and nothing make shift or below CFL standards for the most watched weekend of the season and most likely will be filled with the friday night, sunday afternoon and tues night games on NBC Sports net. followed by a packed house the following friday with the second part of the Calfary at Edmonton traditional most attended game of the year in Edmonton in Prime time Friday. SHould be very exciting

Disagree, 100% the CFL's fault. Hamilton's home field is Guelph this season and to the best of my knowledge is available. Had the CFL made their schedule in a more timely manner like every other professional league in North America (instead of as an after thought closer to the new season opener than the previous Grey Cup) something may have been able to be worked out for both Labour Day and the traditional re match. Since the CFL dragged their feet Rogers took a booking for the post Labour Day weekend. Yes they knew the Argos traditionally play that weekend at the dome, but can you blame them.

The CFL makes the schedule, the CFL set the timeline for its compilation and completion so how exactly is this anyones fault but theirs?

dcmoses said The CFL makes the schedule, the CFL set the timeline for its compilation and completion so how exactly is this anyones fault but theirs?
You are exactly right! Everyone is so intent on trying to make excuses for the CFL and trying to make Rogers look bad that they overlooked the obvious. The CFL could have drawn up a schedule with the Tiger-Cats at home in Guelph on Labour Day.

It is no-ones fault , but I certainly can see the CFL's/Argos desire to play at home on Sept 3rd , they are away from home all of sept except for the game on the 3rd, due to scheduling issues at skydome ,----- if labour day had been in guelph then they would have no home dates at all in sept -------in fact, they would have had no home dates from Aug 23rd to Oct 4th , that is one heck of a long time to be on the road. The way it is now is ugly enough.

Assuming the University of Guelph was willing to forgo its own already-scheduled home game that day, yes, the league could have scheduled the Ticats a home game on Labour Day. But it could not have been against Toronto unless the league and the Argos were willing to give up the ONLY HOME DATE Rogers made available to the Argos in September, the next day. Which would have meant Toronto would have ONE home game in nine weeks -- obviously something completely unacceptable to everyone. So yes, the CFL could have forced a home game on the Cats that day but it would not have been the traditional Toronto-Hamilton game, and that is NOT the CFL's fault.

Yes you are right, it's time to stop blaming Rogers, the CFL, U of Guelph and concede that it's only ONE year and it's impossible to schedule two Labour Day games. I could understand the criticism of Rogers if they had a tradition of making Labour Day available for football but they don't.

Seriously? How can you say no one is to blame? Are we that afraid to call out the league when they screw up? Especially on an issue they took a PR beating over just 2 years ago?

I have no problem blaming the CFL. They made the schedule and the timeline for its compilation and completion. You are correct about Guelph's home game on Labour Day, I missed that, however it is interesting to note that the CIS schedule for the 2013 football season was released on 04 Dec 2012. Three full months prior to the release of the CFL schedule for a season that begins two full months after the CFL's does and both league played their championship games on the same November weekend last year. Had the CFL been more proactive in setting their schedule maybe Guelph could have been available on Labour Day or the Skydome asked to try to make it available this year. So the amateur college league has done a more professional job of preparing themselves for the next season than the professional football league.

Still want to defend the CFL on this one?

Personally I don't think this is a big issue anyways. A lot of people are away for Labour anyways so if a game is on a Tuesday if need be fine, or if the Argos and Cats can't play on Labour Day here and there some years, fine. Not a biggy to me. Once the new IWS is up and running, that will be great and the Argos just have to take what dates are available at the Rogers stadium. That doesn't seem it's going to change so no sense worrying about what if.

For me it’s not so much the simple fact that there is no Labour Day game between Toronto and Hamilton, but the unprofessionalism by the league.

There was no Argo/Ti-Cat Labour Day game just 2 years ago and fans let their displeasure know, but it appears the league either didn’t hear it or didn’t learn from it. Had they we wouldn’t be discussing it now as they would have made sure not to make the same mistake again.

The fact that the schedule is not released until 3 1/2 months before the first game tells me they have only recently finalized the schedule. That is no way to do business in this age of multi purpose venues. The CIS had their 2013 schedule finalized by the first week of December for a season that doesn’t start until 2 months after the CFL season.

Put the 2 together and it spells bush league. The CFL had done a decent job of turning around their image as a bush league, but this scheduling garbage has erased most of that good work and pushed them back towards the beer league side of the ledger.

If you want to equate this scheduling to a bush league label, even in a year with a situation like the Cats are in and the problems Argos have at the RC, continually, for dates, that is your right. I don’t see the connection myself but that is just my opinion.

Is the NFL bush league because they don’t have a team in LA, the second biggest market in the US, or have never been able to hold a SB in the largest market?

Not related of course but people can say bush league to just about anything if they want to.

Pretty much a moot point as the one and only true Labour Day Classic is played at McMahon Stadium. All the rest are pretenders. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

First, comparing the CFL to CIS is absurd. How many CIS football teams do not have first claim on dates in their stadium? No wonder they can do their schedule in December -- their teams control the buildings they play in.

The "multi-purpose venue" the Argos play in is why the schedule takes so long to come out -- the Argos get whatever dates the venue's owner grants them, whenever it is ready to grant them. What exactly are you suggesting should be done to rectify this -- have the Argos take Rogers to court in a bid to get better dates, or earlier dates? How is the CFL or the Argos supposed to have their pick of dates in a building they have control over?

Make no mistake -- that, not the Guelph thing or anything else -- is why the schedule took so long to come out. The Argos were given three home dates in September and October, one of them the day after Labour Day. Do you not think there were efforts behind the scenes to improve that? Hell, for all we know what they ended up getting might be an improvement over what was offered by Rogers in the first place. Calling the CFL "bush" because Rogers controls the Rogers Centre is, um, bush. IMO.