"Labour Day"

Would someone tell me it's not true !! Toronto doesn't play the Cats in Hamilton on Labour Day ? The second best weekend of football (1st Grey Cup) messed up....that monday party is almost the biggest of the year...what about all those T-shirts we all bought last year with the" Toronto vs Hamilton on Labour Day "...One more reason NOT to buy their stuff...when will they learn not to screw with the stuff that works !!

You can wear your t-shirt next year. Grab some white tap, place it over Toronto, and in red Marker write Montréal.

It's true, it's the Rogers Centre treating the Jays, the Bills and various concerts as more of a priority then the Argos. For them to have the classic, the Argos would have to start the season with some 7/9 away games, which is difficult for any team to swallow. Either way, we'll still have a good time roughing up the Als and I'm sure Bob Young and ticats.ca will put up some funny videos to spin this right. Still it does suck, but we'll put the hurt on them week 7.

This may help the Ticats b line, cause they get an "extra" big draw game vs the boat team , with the Al's being a sellout on labour day.

With that Argos Hamilton game being at the end of the year as well, if the teams are even in the standings again, then that game could mean a lot to the playoffs. I prefer to see the positive. Although... For the long weekend.... Could be a French invation in Hamilton... Hope that's a good thing