Labour Day

I want to see:

Stands full of happy, screaming Ti Cat fans

Half Time speech from Caretaker re 'state of things'

Running game on 2nd or 3rd and short that features either KG or AT under center with Brown and Cobb behind him. Fake to one give to the other.

Running game on 2nd or 3rd and short that features Brown and Stalla as tight ends Cobb and Thigpen in the backfield, Bruce and McDaniles running slow streak or crossing patterns. Run left or right with optionS.

Defence that again stops Boyd.

Defence that makes Lemon-ade by crushing their O line

I agree with all you said except the speech from the Caretaker! We all know where he stands, and it will be nice just to see the Cats back in action and forget all this other stuff for awhile!
Oskee Wee Wee!! :thup:

I just hate it when I think of things after I've submitted.

Iwould also like to see the quarterbacks in conference, during short defence on the field times, with the spotter and sidelines personnel; backfielders included. Map out what is working and stay with THOSE plays untill the defence takes them away. If aplay doesn't work after two tries forget it and move on.

Similarly defensive huddles while the offence is on the field

I'd like to see them act like professional players and coaches, which they know more about than any of us who are not professional players or coaches.

I'm curious to see if Mayor Fred shows up at the game!!

Don't want a speech, just good football.
Id also like too see the stands packed with people going crazy and making some noise.

IWS is going to be an absolute nuthouse on Labor day and you can take that to the bank.A 3 game win streak, one of them already coming against the Arblow's, a .500 record and a chance to vault into 2nd place in the east.Not to mention the fact that it' always the Ticats biggest game of the year regardless of the record.The Argo's always put butt's in the seats at IWS.

IMO we need to pump the team up during the intro's.Doesn't matter how it is, when their name is called and they're running out of the tunnel, let's have a deafening roar.That should intimidate the Argho's and pump our team to the max at the same time.

GO CATS GO!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

i have 8 tickets, but they will be given to a mix of argo and cat supporters.

this hamilton stadium debacle has just magnified how much the CFL needs all teams, and fans of all teams and how we all support eachother, when push comes to shove!

the CFL comes first, so lets all have a great time and enjoy the tradition that is the Labourday Classic!
( hopefully i can find a retro 70's bruce jersey there )

I want to see Fredocchio seated in a dunk tank, with fans able to throw balls at the target to dunk him.

Money to go to local charities.

Actually the speech I was thinking of was one stating that the city and the 'Cats had come to a full agreement on a stadium and were proceeding together to get the funding from the levels of gov't and Hostco.

Dont forget Fred is a politician, and you can tell when a politician is lying - his lips are moving. He will try to weasel out of the driver's seat. Remember at election time.

But I wanted this to remain a sport thread, about what we need on the field and in the stands
Oski we we