Labour Day

Should be a great crowd. I am however perplexed at the attendance the last 2 games. Sure weather played a factor especially against the eskies. We drew 24000+ for the Peg. Will the LD classice be a sell out. How do you think we will draw the remainder of the year at home.

The recession maybe over according to the Bank of Canada, but Hamilton was hurt by it. Stelco, and a number of other manufacturing / fabrication shops have closed down leaving countless out of work, or holding low end jobs to make ends meet.

The fans are still there, the economy in Hamilton took a fair hit. Will it recover? Of course.

Myself personally know of at least 5 guys who were avid fans who cannot afford to go to games anymore for a number of economic reasons. I think the fans will come back and I believe and ole Ivor Wynne will start seeing more and more as the weeks go on..

I believe the Labour Day ought to be a big crowd if the Cats can continue to progress. If there is a sense that the Cats can sweep Toronto back-to-back and deal the Boatmen a KO to ther playoff hopes, I think that coupled with the Bruce "revenge" angle with mean close to a sellout. As far as the rest of the season, it depends on how the team comes together. A playoff-bound Cats team will draw well in the fall, I am sure of that since the entertainment value ought to remain extremely high. We shall see. It's important that the team build on its current momentum!

Oski Wee Wee,