I am sooo excited for Labour Day! I really hope the atmosphere was like what it was on Aug 7! That was one of the best games i have ever been to!

Let's be loud and proud Ladies and Gents! :slight_smile:

Argoss $uckkkk!!


ticats going down...


i will be there for sure and am bringing an extra 12 people who dont usually attend the games as I do so i can guarentee we will be loud and make sure you all bring or buy your horns they are the best for being loud as i dont think air horns are aloud or I would bring that too.


I am pumped for this game, i havent been this pumped for labour day since 2004 when the game was actually meaningful.

with win we can move into second. this game is HUGE. i will sure as hell be bringing my voice, and i hope every1 else will be (just please dont get loud when were on offence lol)

check out they have a great video on the labour day classic and it really got me pumped up