....Should be a great game...Riders look like they're finally coming back down to earth...and we're finally showing signs of the team we are capable of being...
After watching the Riders get their can kicked in Edmunchuck...i think we have a shot at ushering them furthur down the standings...Crandell looked like he can't play more than a quarter...Jyles left limping...and Durant or whatever his name is has the kind of ribs you don't want to expose...especially around Tommy Canada...
To be fair...they do have a pretty good team on the injury list....but ...heh take no prisoners... we've been in that place before...I think we can sweep the green guys..or at least give them a good scare..Put the stopper on Cates and we can bank 4 pts. in the next 2 weeks... :wink:

To be honest, I was reluctant to create this thread topic. It's a labour day game that I am NOT looking forward to.

The REASON being, it'll be a total barn burner, between a panda-bomber squad, and a Rider team wearing a donkey-kong outfit. The Riders are falling back down to earth, (not like they were anything special to watch, even when they were 6-0.) Needless to say, the irony involved is simple:

1- the bomba's were a team that are playing like a 3 but should be a 10, it's been an evident disaster from the first play of scrimmage this season.

2- the riders on the other hand are a team playing like a 10, but are nothing more than a 5 or less.

Plain as cream-cheese folks. . . this labour day game is a barn burner.

Who wouldn't be looking forward to a barn burner? That doesn't make sense.

Boy, did the Riders look whipped in the game against the Esks. I think they only showed up for the first quarter--it looks like being stretched too thin with all the injuries they had has finally caught up with them.

Luckily for the Riders, they get an additional 2 week bye by playing us. With "Daddy Dearest" Doug Berry as head coach and Vanilla Cartwright as OC, the Riders could line up against the Bombers with mascots and cheerleaders and still beat us.

If not for the Walls/Canada tip/INT, a loss to Hamilton would have forced a coaching change. Now we're lucky if we finish the season 6-12.

Each team win win at home, but they should be great games to watch as always. Riders will have 2100 additional seats for that game in Regina and for the rest of the season as they have literally sold out their home games. They do have great fans. Too bad there isn't any tailgate paries before the games. I went to the Grey cup last year and sk/man. fans should toronto how to party. Both fans got alone great, with the exception of the old bad apple as usual.

I used to really love those trips out west, best party of the year and Rider fans are always great (moreso if they win though).

I think the Bombers will hold their own against the Riders, but it just seems extra difficult to get a win there on LD.

I thought barn burners were thought of as games that weren't matched up evenly in the sense they're chaotic, and no one who's going to win. To me that's not dramamtic, it's just two teams playing crappy really needing to win.

Some people think that as exciting, but I don't. . . you could think of the superbowl NYG/NE as a barn burner. Meaning in my eyes, what could have been a much better football game was an all out over-achieving team over-coming the point spread. I believe "barn-burners" concur with most sport gambling enthusiasts, however, not myself.

Thus, a panda-bomber squad, and a Rider team wearing a donkey-kong outfit

If you don't agree with my definition. . . gawd help all of you.


Sure, so the greatest stage in all of sports wasn't a barn-burner. I'd say it was. Oh wait, I did already. go home.

Just disgree with the panda and donkey. I agree that last years superbowl was terrific. Did you ever notice how people with low IQ's resort to name calling.

Actually, I decided to delete that reference. Far before you took offense to it. my bad.

Accepted. I too was being over zealous.