Labour Day Weekend

It's the week leading up to Labour Day and no talk about it yet?

Friday - Hamilton at BC
Sunday - Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
Monday - Edmonton at Calgary
Tuesday - Montreal at Toronto

This is my favourite week of the year in the CFL, except why is there no Argo Ticat game this year?

Remember back in 2011, Winnipeg (7-1) at Saskatchewan (1-7) and the Riders swept them away? That's why you can never put too much stock into the teams records during Labour Day.

I still remember this ad the Bombers took out, oh how times change.

I'm not feeling it this year. The league screwed up royally and after the outcry 2 years ago when the Argos and Ti-Cats didn't play you would think they wouldn't make that mistake again. :roll: Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it and I can see these morons doing this again in another couple of years.

We got Stamps/Eskimos and that's it. Not much of a Labour Day if you ask me. Never saw Montreal or BC as really being a big part of it and although Riders/Bombers are a big rivalry I look forward to the Banjo Bowl more than Labour Day with those 2.

All in all this year Labour Day is just another weekend in the schedule. Looking forward to the games as usual, but outside of the battle of Alberta it's just another weekend. Way to go CFL, blow off your biggest regular season weekend.

Should be fun as always!

I'll take:
Hamilton @BC-Hamilton is rolling and I think this will be a close game with Fantuz playing a big role, and the Cats pulling away late.
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan I agree with this possibly being a trap game, but I'm more concerned with the Banjo Bowl being a bigger trap game. I think the Riders win big this week at home, but run into a wall in game 2 :frowning:
Edmonton @ Calgary I think the Esks have been coming real close the last few weeks and are close to finishing strong and winning soon. What better motivation than against your rival on Labor Day while they're missing a few key offensive weapons. I like the esks in both games and could be the start of a nice little run by them.
Montreal @Toronto I picked both teams, because it depends on whether Ray plays or not. If he does Argos win if he doesn't Mtl's D confuses Collaros and the Al's may pull one out.

I will go out on a limb and say that the one and only true Labour Day Classic and Labour Day Mismatch will determine whether or not Kavis Reed has a job. If the Eskimo's lose both and particularly if they lose with more blatant coaching errors, Reed is gone. Hopefully for Reed sake, the Eskimo's understand.

Tuesday game is just stupid for this weekend. It should be one a day, or one Friday, 1 Saturday, 2 Sunday.

Asa rider fan we get two labour day games in a row with back to backs with the bombers. It is a great two weeks. Sparing back and forth. Even when we had a lousy record these were fun games. If the bombers get moved back to the west at some point. Wow!!!

I see Riders, Calgary, BC and Hamilton winning


Labour Day weekend with no Hamilton/Toronto and only one game on Labour Day is just weird. Hopefully we get some good games out of it.

Yes, congratulations to the CFL. Not only do they make the huge mistake on one of their 3 most hyped regular season games, but they're stupid enough to do it again only 2 years later. Did Kavis Reed go to the same college as the guy who does the CFL's scheduling?

It has nothing to do with the CFL, it has to do with availability of the stadium at Guelf (as well as Skydome) for that weekend. Apparently Guelf wasn't available and Skydome need time to be changed over from baseball to football (so we get a Tuesday game). This is what I remember reading back when the schedule came out.

With Hamilton getting a new stadium next year, I don’t see why this will ever be an issue again…unless the 2015 pan-am games cause a conflict? I’m not sure which months those games are being held, so hopefully there is no conflicts with the CFL schedule.

I’m like you, in that this weekend doesn’t have the same appeal as it would with a tabbies/argos game. It would have been #1 in the east vs #2 in the east. That is a Labour Day game I’d love to see.

Instead, we get 7-1 vs 1-7 and 6-2 vs 1-7. Not very appealing, IMO.

The CFL needs to get a new schedule maker for next year. Not just because of this labour day issue, but because of all the back-to-back games. Winnipeg had hamilton, Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, calgary, calgary. Wtf is that garbage?
Labour day and the labour day rematch are the only time teams should play the same opponent two weeks in a row. And I don’t even like that, besides the Banjo bowl.

BC vs Hamilton is the toughest choice of the bunch IMO. BC has struggled, Lulay has been off the mark, Harris has gotten lost on offense, injuries on the Oline have hurt the team. Hamilton looks like its turned the corner but how much can you really read into beating my pathetic bombers in consecutive weeks? I'm picking BC just because east teams generally don't play well when they travel into BC.

Wpg-Sask - Riders. Riders have played below their ability the last couple of weeks IMO but even thats good enough to beat the mess that is my bombers. Even worse, the subpar QB core is injured which could make them play even worse. Could be in for another beating like last year, sad to say.

Edm-Calgary - Calgary. Though Edmonton has a chance with O'Neill doing the FG duties and not Shank'em Shaw when the game is on the line.

Mtl - Toronto - Toronto. Yay, Tanner Marsh is so amazingly wonderful and awesome because of the big win vs the Lions. Yet he was below 50% on completions and threw 4 picks. The MTL D played well for sure, but the Lions offense gifted this game with some questionable play calling and bad execution in the 4th Q when trying to run down the clock and they inexplicably failed to capitalize on the gifts Marsh was presenting to them. I don't think the Argos will be so generous.

Every team in the East is correct about playing in B.C............except the Cats who have won 3 of the last 4 in B.C.Place........with the only exception being last year when they lost a squeaker by 3.....39-36,the Cats have always played well in B.C. in recent years,all the games have been high scoring affairs with an overall score under/over of 67.5 pts a game.3 of the last 4 games played there were decided by 4 pts or less. So yes,B.C Place has been a grave yard for the other Eastern teams.....but when it comes to the annual Cats vs Lions match,it's usually one of the best games of the year.As for beating up on pathetic teams,the Greenies have 5 of their 7 wins versus the so-called pathetic teams.

Hamilton had Ivor Wynne all to themselves 2 years ago the last time this happened. The league will do this again. There were threads on this so I'm not going to go too deep into it, the bottom line is the CFL seems to think they don't have to put out their schedule until the last minute and that is why we have this mess. They drag their feet much longer than any other North American league and this is what happens. Nobody contact Rogers about this so the Jays went and scheduled Labour Day weekend for themselves because they get first dibs and the Argos are always on the road that weekend. However, the CFL couldn't even get motivated in time to secure the following weekend which Rogers would have been expecting. Along comes an event that wants to book, CFL hasn't bothered to call, you snooze you lose.

I guarantee until the league starts planning their schedule earlier so they can work with the facilities and other tenants this will happen again.

And just how can the CFL book ahead of MLB?

I forget, why isn't Montreal in BC on Friday night and Hamilton in Toronto on Tuesday? What was the difficulty with the visiting teams?

Because the schedule maker loves back-2-backs, and have the argos/als 2 weeks in a row. They will have met 3 times in 5 weeks :roll:

Not sure, but a little analysis means that if Montreal played in BC on Fri, and Hamilton played in TO on Tues, then it would sure suck for the Cats to have to host the Lions next week on a 4 day week when the Lions would get 8.

As for scheduling before MLB, I'm only guessing but I think it's safe to say that the Dome would only laugh at the CFL if it tried to get it's dates secured before the Jays. I doubt that the Dome would even talk to the Argos until the MLB sched was published.

All right, well if we swap the Cats out of BC place this week and put in the Als, then that would be BC/Mtl back to back and then BC/Ham back to back.

the schedule needs a lot more work than simply swapping 1 game.
the schudle maker should have had the als and lions this week, not last week.

montreal opened their season with back-2-back against winnipeg and then played calgary twice in two weeks. that's 2 opponents in their first 4 weeks.
hamilton had saskatchewan twice in two weeks.
winnipeg played hamilton twice in two weeks, followed by saskatchewan twice in two weeks, followed by calgary twice in two weeks.

this is just lazy schedule making, IMO.

Start with a phone call. Communication is an outstanding tool, unfortunately the CFL doesn't know how to do that. They knew about Hamiltons stadium issues this year well before the Jays set their schedule. Had they talked to Rogers when the Jays were submitting their schedule requests it's likely something could have been worked out. Maybe the game would have had to be moved to Friday night, maybe they couldn't have got it at all, but at least they would have tried. The proof they put zero effort into it is the fact they couldn't even get the following weekend when Roger's would have been expecting an Argos home game. It's most likely there is an event that weekend because the CFL didn't contact them so when Rogers got an offer of a booking they naturally took it.

Every sport allows teams to make requests for certain dates and the schedulers will attempt to work with their teams. Had the CFL had any foresight and communicated their needs to Rogers the Jays may have been able to accommodate them. The CFL acts like all their teams are priority tenants in their facilities and they are not. The traditional Labour Day games will take a hit again until the league gets it's head out of its butt and starts to make its schedule in a professional manner and work with the facilities rather than assuming they will be available on their whim and ridiculously short time frame.