Labour Day weekend 2013

Ticats play in Vancouver on Friday, Aug. 30, before returning to their temporary home in Guelph on Saturday, Sept. 7, also against the B.C. Lions.

The Argos, limited by the availability of the Rogers Centre, will host the Montreal Alouettes on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Labour Day this year is Monday, Sept. 2.

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That sucks :x Toronto plays Montreal Tueday Sept. 3rd. Thanks to Rogers for screwing this up again !

That's a horrible date

Hate it.

Don't like the date also but blessing in disguise though just like when they go to grass there, it'll put it on the front burner for the Argos to get out of that outdated POS old bowl stadium and into some more gridiron specific digs at York Univ., Univ. Toronto, some kiddy field, anywhere but the Dump.

:thup: :thup:

But no one is going to pay for any upgrade to York or anywhere else for the Argos for just 9 home games a year. At least in Hamilton the justification for a new stadium was the Pan Am soccer and in Ottawa it was the addition of 20 plus home games for the NASL Fury plus the Women's FIFA and the mens U18 FIFA.
Maybe the Argos will have to share the new Pan Am stadium in Hamilton, I'm sure the city would love to have 2 major tennants. The Argos couldn't draw any worse than they do now at the Rogers Centre.

For the ones who hate the dates/the schedule, you don't have to go or watch the games.

I am quite satisfied with the schedule,given all the constrains facing the League/Teams.

I will watch all the CFL games and attend some with satisfaction.


But mikem, York is being upgraded for Pan AM track and field events , the seating will not be CFL standards but neither was IWS2 without additonal resources put in --------- , additional monies would have to be found to bring York up to cfl event standards ------so what I am saying is, York is a possibility. It is my opinion that there are meetings going on to evaluate that possibility on how such a facility could be utilized for more then just CFL and OUA football games.

What is so bad about Rogers Centre? I've never been there, but I assume the atmosphere problems everybody talks about have more to do with attendance than stadium. What was it like during the Grey Cup? Would you consider BC Place a bad venue too? I just can't see a move to a small, uncovered stadium an upgrade.

Guess it's a moot point seeing as they're getting kicked out of it anyway. Obviously with the financial issues they have they won't be building a 50,000 seat retractable-roof stadium, but it should be at least as good as Hamilton's new stadium. A bigger version of varsity just wouldn't cut it.

I've been to both stadiums. BC place has better sightlines than the Skydome. (built primarily for baseball) Even with the most expensive seats at Skydome you have a terrible view of the field.... you are so far from the action. :thdn:

I don't mind the Rogers Centre. When it's full, the atmosphere is fine. I went to the last GC game there before this past one, it was great. When it's empty, the atmosphere is lousy. I agree it was built more for baseball, but the same thing is true... fill it up and it's super; with a small crowd it's way less fun. I went to a World Series game there in 1992 and it was amazing. In those years BJ games were all sellouts and the atmosphere was fantastic.

It's that way in most stadiums. IWS was built for football and yes you are close to the action, which is great. I have lots of fond memories of it, but always when the game had a sellout crowd. It was not so thrilling at IWS when we had attendance of 15,000 either. McMahon Stadium or Taylor Field are awesome too with a good crowd (which they get a lot more often than Hamilton does). Olympic stadium was incredible with a sellout, but dreadful when empty, whether it was for the Als or the Expos.

To me, the event and the enthusiasm of the crowd is much more important than the stadium. I think people can be too critical of Rogers Centre.

I hate the RC personally for both football and baseball. I should have bought it for $25 mill though, not that it was or is worth more than that though, someone got it right. :wink:

Same here, been to both, and agree with Woody 100%

Can't comment on BC Place, never been there but it certainly looks much better than this for sightlines (slope and angles) and distance. Has to be one of the big reasons they don't design stadiums like this anymore and tear the ones down if possible that did look like this ie. Three Rivers, Veterans Stadium, Riverfront, Fulton County...: