Labour Day uniforms

I know ill will get crucified for this by R&W and R&W2005 for this but ill put this idea out anyway. On Labour Day weekend, it would be a nice to see them use their old uniforms on that day. I know some havent changed much but most others have. I love the old Rider uniforms and a few others from that era of the early 70's. opposition from me on that idea......retro unis would be cool to use on unique game days.......

Sambo I got the rope in the tree just waiting for your neck!

Ya that would be a good idea but probably not to receptive! We like watching the Stamps kick Eskie but in the black uni's.

Correct me if im wrong , but havent the Eskimos dominated labour day game over the yrs RW2005?

I guess they have won a few more then us but that trend changed last year we won bakc to back against the sleazy schmoes! Plus we won the last game of the season. The only problem is we did not play good enough to beat them in the semi!

So , as usual, the Stamp(much like the Riders) choke in the big games.

The EE know when to turn it on...

And a coupla years back the EE wore their old jersey and gold pants complete with 70's decal on the helmets. Remember that? And yeah, we won that one too.

I am a big fan of the old jerseys, and would really like it if they came into play this year. A little birdy told me last year that the Riders were gonna use them this year. Haven't heard anything more on that though.

I hope they do, it would be cool to see those old jerseys again

Are those the ones that circle your head Billy!

Yep. There is a blue one, and a red one, and a green one. The red one is kind of mean, and the blue one just says nonsense all day, but the green one usually says some interesting stuff.

Billy you are becoming a good sport I will leave it alone. Good answer!

.......sort of 43 years of holding the LDC, Edmonton holds a 27 to 16 margin, but over the last 11 years the series is split 6 to 5 in Edmonton's favour.....not really a domination, more of an edge........

do you have the stats for the LD rematch i believe the stamps do better in that but i might be wrong

Who really cares this is the modern era the ekies will be stuffed in their igloos through out the season.

You are such a card, '05...."the modern era"? In "the modern era" the EE are Grey Cup champs!!! lol!

27-16....on the road...and you guys had a powerhouse team in the early 90's and you won like four in a row or something...I'd say that number flatters your club.

…it’s just a number, read into it whatever you will…yeah, I think we won four in a row, and the eskies beat some pretty weak Stamp teams in a row too…all I know is that in recent memory it’s been pretty even, just like the rematches when we’re ‘on the road’…

I'm not reading into provided us with a number, and it heavily favors the EE. We walk into hostile territory that day and have that's not just a number, my friend.

........I don't disagree, it is what it is.......a clear EE advantage over the years......I didn't try to lessen it in any manner so I'm not sure what it is your trying to pick a fight over.........