Labour Day Tilt, extra seating

Are the Riders thinking of increasing capacity for the LD tilt in September? With their talent and the wins racking up, I don't see why they wouldn't draw at least 5 or 6,000 more to the game, not even counting any 'Peg fans who might make the road trip if their team starts to turn it around.

Extra seating is in the works, but I don't know when it'll be ready. And I doubt it will be as many as 5-6000.

Global Regina had Hopson saying "a couple thousand" wasn't out of the question.

That's what I think--2-3 thou.

I'm thinking it may be closer to 3,000-4,000, Hopson was saying he'd like permanent seating expanded to 32,000, so I'm thinking he would want the temp seats to bring it up to that for now.

So heres a sort of on topic / off topic question.

I maybe off base since I don't live in either Winnipeg or Regina, but here goes:

Is a Saskatchewan Vs Calgary matchup a bigger rivalry than a Winnipeg Vs Saskatchewan matchup? Is the rivalry still as intense as it was a few years ago, or has the Calgary / Burris thing created a bigger rivalry. I Was thinking out loud that if Calgary didn't have the Labour day tradition with Edmonton, would a new Labour day tradition of Calgary Vs Saskatchewan ever materialize?

Just an inquisitive question.....don't yell at me for treading on a Labour day tradition.

I would say with the way the riders have played calgary the last couple of seasons. Particularly last season, the Burris factor isn't as strong as say it ws the first year he left.

In terms of the Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan tradition it is exactly that a tradition. I know there are a large number of slo pitch teams made the journey from Winnipeg to play in the press club tournment on Labour Day weekend. They also bought tickets to the riders game.

The Rider Winnipeg classic labour day game is more of an event because of all the Bomber fans that make the trek. While the actual on field play might be a bigger rivalry between the Riders and Stamps right now, you see very few Stamps fans in the stands so it's not the same.

I would say for the fans its still a big tilt and rivalry, don't know if it spills over onto the field anymore especially now that Westwood is no longer a Bomber as he was kind of the last one to incite the hatred of the Rider nation. I would have to say that the rivalry is probably the strongest between the Lions and Riders and is probably the most intense rivalry in the CFL right now for fans and players.

And Winnipeg being in the East div more than the West over the last 20 years has had an effect. As Mike says, it's the tradition that keeps the Winnipeg rivalry strong. But I think boonedock is right though, that we collectively get up for BC way more than Calgary.

I should note though, that Sask-Calgary is probably a bigger rivalry in Calgary. While it is not 50% like some say, the number of Rider fans at Calgary games when the Riders come to play is significant enough to make you wonder who the home team is sometimes - so many ex-pats in Calgary.


Okay, thanks guys. All good points.

Now, all I have to do is convince Mrs Sportsmen to take a trip to Regina then and take it all in.

You know, I am actually a bit confused who we have a rivalary with these days because it really feels us against the rest. BC because of their past recent success and our constant ability to find ways to win against them, Calgary because they're good and they have Hank who didn't leave SK feeling loved, Winnipeg because of the banjo thing and the pure fun of the Labour Day classic, Hamilton because we have gotten some great talent from their benches in the past and they're still smartin' after "the play", Montreal because they're the team to beat in the east, and now T.O. because they have our Grey Cup winning MOP?

Well, whoever it may be, it makes for a great league!

Do not forget Edmonton, its always nice to see them lose.

I think the rivalry with Winnipeg died a little bit because they are back in the east again, i remember when the few years that Ottawa was in the league, they were in the west and to me that was a HUGE rivalry then, but i still think the rivalry is there. Not to mention the Banjo Bowl wouldn't be as special if labour day was vs Calgary...