Labour Day Start Time

My preference for the game time would be around 3 or 4 pm. Curious as to what others think.

To be honest with you, I love the late start time. It reminds me of when I was a kid and it was the last nite that you could stay up late, plus the atmostphere is better.

A 1 or 4 pm start feels weird cuz you go home and have dinner. You don't go home and go to bed.

For the people who work at the stadium, an uncle of mine used to work security there, I think they like the 1 pm start. Less drunk people. A late start has people at home drinking all day. Early start, means they can clean up the stadium earlier.

I like the 7:30 start. Not too fond of the West on before the East but that is just for ratings.

Normally the west has a better game anyways.

So to make a long story short, 7:30 pm is ideal for me.

I love the 7:30 start as well for me but unfortunately my daughter cannot come as they have school the next day, don't want to keep her up late the day before her first day of school. 4 would of been a better time, but hey whatcha gonna do.

Why is 2 o'clock not on the poll?

2 o'clock is the best start time.

I prefer a 2 o'clock start time.

My wife prefers a 2 o'clock start time.

2'oclock it should be.

No kidding!

I wonder why they keep playing with the times. It doesn't make much sense to me to have the eastern game at 7:30PM local time on a holiday Monday before school starts and the western game at 2:00PM local time.

The Hamilton game should start at 1:00PM or 2:00PM and the Calgary game following it at 4:00PM or 5:00PM EST. That way both games will be done at roughly the same time locally and it gives people the chance to get home and unwind (aka sober up) for the first day of the work week.

But everyone's situation and opinion is different. That is just mine...

And yes, I will be at Ivor Wynne regardless of the time on Monday.

  • paul

Labour Day should be a triple header.

What about the Montreal game at 1PM
the Sask game at 4PM
Ticat/Argo game 7PM

The fun part about labour day is stayiing up later to watch the ticats. the game starts at 7:30 ends about 10:30 and you are home by 11.

Honestly, how much work are your kids going to do the first day of school? Do you even go a full day on the first day? In high school we went just for the afternoon.

Being a little tired 1 day out of the year is not unreasonable. (ok there were a few thursday games this year but hey, the next day was Friday!)

I personally don't care what time the west game starts. My focus is on Hamilton at Ivor Wynne as I will be there.

We always seem to complain about the start times of games and I am sick of it. There was a discussion before the season started about the dates and times.

The schedule is the schedule, deal with it. If you can't make it, don't buy tickets. Plain and simple.

We are talking 10 measely home games a year. That's all. If they were scheduled for a Wednesday at 2 am, I would be there.

How many times a year do you go to a concert and stay out too late on a work/school nite? How many times does dinner run longer than expected? How many movies do you see no matter what time or day of the week are terrible and you wasted your money?

I liked the Thursday games because they didn't interfere with a summer weekend! I think that was a brilliant idea.

In the words of Ricky Nelson, "You can't please everyone, so you, gotta please yourself!"

I like the late start too.

Why not a quadruple header? Doesn't the CBC have hockey day in Canada?

1 pm bc vs mtl
4 pm wpg vs ssk
7 pm tor vs ham
10 pm edm vs cgy

Note: all times eastern

really dont care, just as long as they play

The fun part about labour day is stayiing up later to watch the ticats. the game starts at 7:30 ends about 10:30 and you are home by 11.
Yeah for those that live in Hamilton but maybe those from out of town or even Toronto...I don't think they would be home by 11.

I don't care what time the game but I know a friend that pick up a seat near me for a couple games a year wont be making it down because of the time.

Who needs the extra drunks that the late start time will bring?

Again, it is one game and probably the best game of the year. I know someone who drives in from Port Elgin for every game (3hrs away).

Okay, so let's start the game at 1 pm then. Then we have all the people who are at cottages up north or camping, have to come home on sunday nite because they would hit so much traffic on Monday morning.

There are just so many excuses for people not coming to the games and I am sick of it. If you want to come, you will come and make the necessary arrangements whether you live in hamilton, toronto, brantford or timbucktoo.

There are some people who only go to the labour day game because they can't afford to go to any other games. Here were are complaining because it doesn't fit into our personal agendas.

We are lucky that we have a professional team in this city the way that we as fans are. If it's not one thing it's another and frankly I am sick of it. Don't become a fairweather fan. Love the cats year in year out and all year round.

What if we lose this team in a few years???? Everyone would come out of the woodwork and say, oh yeah, I attended games, it's the people who watched on tv rather than coming to the stadium.

Let's unite, like the democrates, and have 1 common goal, SUPPORTING THE CATS WIN OR LOSE and attend games whenever possible without complaining.


I was speaking as a fan that travels to the games from outside the city of Hamilton.

Like I said, I will be there regardless. But historically, can someone tell me what time the Hamilton game started at on Labour Day?

In terms of TV scheduling, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my opinion.

Do you think it has anything to do with U.S. Open Tennis?

Here is Monday's TSN Schedule:

11:00 AM 2008 U.S Open Tennis: Men's & Women's 4th Round
2:00 PM Classic Boxing: Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe II (1993)
3:30 PM CFL on TSN Pre-Game: Edmonton @ Calgary
4:00 PM CFL on TSN: Edmonton @ Calgary
7:30 PM CFL on TSN: Toronto @ Hamilton

  • paul
In terms of TV scheduling, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my opinion.
In terms of TV scheduling this makes perfect sense. TSN doesn't care as much about how many people are in the stands....they care about how many people are watching at home. Hence, the "Prime time" 7:30 pm start. All of the people who are at home (for whatever reason) are going to tune into TSN for the game.

The scheduling makes perfect sense for TSN....and thats all that matters

7:30, just because i dont really like afternoon games, i have to go to school the next day but it doesnt really matter because all you do on the first day is listen to the teachers talk about their class.

many of my friends are fans of the blue team so that first day of school will either be great....or quite difficult :expressionless:

I have a 3 hour drive and work the next morning so that counts me out. 1pm or 4pm would have been great. On the other hand this means I will be able to catch the Edmonton/Calgary game and attend the Queens U. opener.

Damn you Gino Reda!

  • paul

A 7:30pm start gives you more time for tailgating...

What happened to the option "Don't care as long as the beers cold!"?

Some of these replys kill me.

"I prefer a 7 start if I'm doing burgers on the grill but if my wifes roasting a chicken then I'd rather a 4 pm start. Unless of course we have sweet potatoes with the chicken and not rice, in which case move it back to 1 pm".

Sorry for the bizarre humor. However, I do agree that I would prefer that all the games be spaced out so as to allow us to watch all the games as someone suggested earlier.