Labour Day sellout

Its nice that they sold out, but why dont they let people sit on the grass in the end zones like they used to? Is there a hazard of some sort that made them stop this practice?

I'm actually surprised that they didn't bring in some temporary seating for the game, to be honest.

Yeah me too. I remember when the Grey Cup was here they were considering bringing some in every year for the Labour Day game, but no dice..

Well hemeroid hill does not exist anymore. There is an area for game day sponsors there now and they actually have seats there.

Part of the reason was insurance and building code. THe team had to come up with a finite number of spectators inorder to satify the rules.

As for bringin in temporary seats, once again its not as easy or profitable as one would think. Last year they brought in extra seats for the Stones, which were around for a number of games.

Even with the seats they could not just open them up unless they were convinced they would fill up to a significant degree because they had to pay extra insurance to use them each time. THe fact is that using the extra seats could actually cost the team money.