Labour Day - reset time for the Ti-Cats

I guess the Ti-Cats are looking at Labour Day coming off a bye week as a chance to start again. Heck when was the last time the team even created a new team intro video halfway through the season.

The Cats released this tonight and it is one of their better efforts.

If only fixing the team was as easy.

I'm just glad the game looks like it will sell out. As I said elsewhere, it looks like just over 350 seats remain unsold and I have to believe they will go by game time.
That has to be good for the team's bottom line.

I also hope the team doesn't let the fans down... and the rain doesn't ruin the party.

As I've read so often, even if the Cats have a poor season, as long as they beat the Double Blue on Labour Day, everything is at least close to ok. :wink:

As an Argo fan, this game scares the heck out of me.

Everything says the Argo's should win big.


its labour day, the cats are playing for jobs, too many reasons for the cats to step up.

I could see them winning this game and losing all the rest.

Hope not

Considering how well the Red Blacks are now playing (heck, with a few breaks, they could have a near perfect record), assuming the crossover, and the Argos better watch their backs or the Als will take that last playoff spot.

The way things stand, I'd love the see the SRR cross over. I definitely go to BMO for THAT playoff game. Well, assuming the prices weren't obscene.

Kevin...YOU ARE A GENIUS....

If the Argo's finish 2nd place, and HOST the Green Riders, it would most likely be the first ever Argo's sellout at BMO. Maybe create some buzz, and march the double blue to another Grey Cup victory.

This is now the plan/goal.

Also as a movie buff I want you to produce the docu-drama based on this amazing feat.

LOL. I am no genius. Clever : Yes! Witty : Goes without saying. But not a genius.

As for the SRR vs The Argos : It's a long way to Tipperary, and I doubt it would sell out, but it would definitely make it fun. The GreenRiders in downtown Toronto... that would be worth taking the Go Train for.

Worst part :

If the Green Riders did cross over and play in Toronto, Tannen-Bell would soak the tickets buyers for all they were worth - instead of using it to sell the game to locals.

I can see it now : $100 for the cheap seats and assume the Rider fans will buy anything. Then BMO field, instead of being blue (or even red) is Green. Yuck!!!

Since we are on the topic, I am shocked how well the Green Riders are playing. Definitely in playoff contention and that is NEVER bad for the CFL.

You had me at TIPPARAY....eyes welled toast.

My Grandpa used to sing me that song as a lullaby, a Royal Canadian Engineer, landed on Juno Beach, and just an all around amazing guy. (sadly gone too soon).

So now, I'm going to "pack up my troubles in my old kit bag and smile, smile smile"

Thank you for taking me to such a beautiful time in my life, with only the mention of the word Tipperary

Good night and God Bless, and thanks Kevin for warming the cockles of my heart

God bless you, too, and thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile: Good night.

Well let's hope Masoli can throw in the wind.

Game time forecast 24C - feeling like 28C, 70% chance of rain and VERY windy with winds near 40 km/hr with gusts near 60 km/hr and a chance of thunderstorms too.

Anyone else find it hard to concentrate on what the panel is saying when rod has a horrible dye job on his hair? :o

I watch with the sound off. I prefer sports this way.

When someone started a thread on when they would win their first I picked this game.

LDC - Hamilton owns the Argos on this day with almost twice as many wins

Bye week - Never bet against the team coming off the bye

Perfect no more - The Argos were perfect within the division a road loss to the Als a couple of weeks ago

Everything is lining up for a Ti Cat upset today. Hope I'm wrong but add in the Argos one dimensional offense and the Argos are in trouble if someone tells the Cats they can ignore the run and just drop into pass coverage.

I can't stand watching sports without the volume. The sounds of the game and the crowd to me are a huge part of the excitement of sports. I can't stand going to a bar where they have music playing so you can't hear the sounds of the game on the screen.

Who is Felix and who is Oscar in this odd couple of Ticat fans? ;D

And who is old enough to have any idea what I'm posting about? :-[

I'd say I am more Felix but Patrick might object.

Just because I admit I know what you're talking about doesn't mean I'm old. Does it? :wink:

What happened to Rod Black?

Forde doing play by play!

Guess Rod had a coughing attack or a massive case of constipea!