Labour Day rematch - Where we sitting?

hey everyone!

Just wondering for the people that are making the trip to BMO in a couple weeks, where you all planning to sit??

Trying to plan our seats accordingly!


The Sept. 3rd Labour Day game is at THF the next game against the Argos is Sept. 8th which one are you taking about? I assume it’s the Sept. 8th game since you referenced BMO Field.

Yes I’m talking about the 8th

As I made the title “Labour Day Rematch?

I'm sitting in section 107 on the east side with six other guys. One of them is coming from Columbus. I just checked and saw that the Argo site has only maybe 500 seats left in the whole stadium, which looks strange knowing that only 10,000 people have been showing up this year. Could be tons left on Stubhub and other scalping sites, I don't know. Would be good if we could drown out whatever Argo QB is playing and let Mazoli be heard ... unlike what killed the last drive in the Peg.

Wandering around concourse.

Contact the Cats Claws fan club. They'll have a couple of buses going down from eastgate mall.

The blue team aren’t offering upper level tickets on the east side of BMO this year. Similar to how they stopped offering upper level tickets at Skydome the last few years there.

Beer sampling duty?

  1. My son checked the other day and found a lot of tickets available around the 15-20 yd. line, for
    around $35 a ticket, and that price included a hotdog and a soda !! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Good deal.

Sat in those same seats last year and they were very good seats (about 20 rows up) with a
good overall view !! It really is a beautiful little stadium to watch a game in !!

  1. Are they still the old yellow school bus’s with no washrooms ?? LOL ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-\ :-\

LOL !!! GO CATS GO !!! Are we almost there yet ?!? ;D ;D ;D

  1. Good one bobo....LOL

And how true :wink: :wink: :frowning: