Labour Day Rematch Play-By-Play Thread

With 5 hours to go, I'm starting this thread.
We are now missing our THIRD starting 1000-yd WR, so the backups have to step up.
I expect better protection for Dane, and the O-line to continue to gel.
It was a chippy game by the blew crew on Monday, so I hope our guys don't get goaded into taking foolish penalties. Or, if they DO take them, at least make the penalty COUNT for something and put the other player out of the game. Basically, if you get called for a retaliation, you had better break the other guy's face.



If I was the Argos Shaq Richardson I'd be worried about my knees this game.

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Let your game do the talking. I’d hate to see any player purposely attempt to injure an opponent to the point of ending his career. Not saying it hasn’t happened, or won’t happen, but it is not something to be proud of, nor to be encouraged.

Chirping, even shoving, is one thing, intentionally injuring is over the line IMO.


I agree. The Players Association, however, will defend to the death the rights of the headhunter and not the injured player.

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Dunbar, The White bros and Acklin need to put in some work tonight. Lets hope for some flash from Mr. Erlington as well. D be what you were Monday. Lets go boys

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If Argos win it’s because they cheated.

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Ticats players in general managed NOT to get drawn in to the scrapping to the point of taking dumb penalties on Monday so I'm expecting more of the same. Not saying that they didn't do their share of chirping but the boatmen let it get to them while the Ticats managed to ignore whatever chirping the blue guys threw at them.

On another note - No Charlston Hughes for the Boatmen - not that he had much of an impact on Monday AND they are starting a rookie centre on the OL.

I am conducting a Shakespeare smackdown in the game thread on the main board. All are welcome to join me in heaping bardly scorn on the Argos.

They suck so bad, they are an ought without a frame.

Unfortunately my Shakespeare - in spite of visiting his home in England a couple of years ago is very rusty.

Ungerer and Dunbar the go-to guys so far! Getting it done - but it is early.

Ugh. No O-line again

Papi White needed to catch that one - had some running room to at least pick up the FD. Punt time- sigh!

Looked like White should have had that

Or someone who plays better than Hughes replacing him on the DL - he got the sack.
Argos don't play well from behind so they're trying to avoid that. I have confidence that the Ticats can play from behind if necessary - and win.

Hopefully Condell actually uses STE in the run game, unlike last game.

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Our run defense went to sleep there for a couple of plays - not good! Boatmen are gaining some ground here.

Ummmmm.... gettin jittery


Love the "Argos suck" cheer at 12:01 of the first quarter. Haha.

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