Labour day Qb

Personally I wanna see Glenn because of the old days with Cavillo we put him in under fire and he didnt do to great But after a few years under Tracy Ham he has become the most dominate QB of this decade.

No Question Kevin Glen Earned the Start 3 TD and 300 Yards + Passing

You seem to forget the 2 INTs. Please, if you are going to use stats, please complete the entire picture.

As long as Porter is healthy he should start. Glenn is a flawed veteran who continues to make the same mental errors after 9 seasons. We won't win a Grey Cup this year with or without him. Porter is the best chance we have of winning the Cup in the next 5 seasons. Porter gives us the best chance to win in the future and gives us an equal chance of winning in the present. A no-brainer indeed.

Porter hangs on to the ball too long and is definately not even close to being our best chance to win, he's been extremely average and isnt reading defences all that well. He's still a one game wonder like Kevin Eakin lol.

Glenn is the present and the future.

I think your being a little tough on Porter. Hes actually been the winning QB 3X times this year. Still, its good to have 2 good QBs. Tough decision for Marcel this week.

I don't want to see either "under Center" I would like to see Glen over center, he's the present!!

So you think we can win the Grey Cup this season with Glenn?

I dont see how im being tough on him, you cant constantly hang onto the ball for 5 seconds in the pros.

I dont see how it's a tough decision, so far Marcel hasnt been so great at evaluating talent.

Ithink you are being tough on the guy. He's playing and learning. One would expect to see him start to read the plays faster by playing not by watching. You seem to be advocating giving up on Porter altogether. That would be a mistake. Remember AC in Hamilton? Same show different season. Developing a QB requires patience and lots of playing time.

Kind of immature that the poll writer inserted his own bias into the poll.

Has Porter not been intercepted this year?

Porter`s has been pretty good this year, not great. One thing I will say about him, in his wins, he has shown that he can manufacture winning drives, late in the game. He has shown that he can win games. He is definately no Kevin Eakin.

He has been the winning QB 3 out of 4 times, this year. Based on last game, I would give Glenn a shot this week.

The poll itself is not biased. You and the poll author however are

KG should've been the starter since day one instead of handing QP the job on the basis of a couple of decent games last yerar. KG should start on Monday if performance means anything.

An Argo-Cat fan

Our only chance to.. Winnipeg wins one in 07 if he didnt break his arm

I dont understand why people hate on him, people talk about Porter winning 3 games yet ignore all the games Glenn won in Winnipeg and he also had a winning record last year with a banged up oline and brutal oc.

The future is NOW. This team plays with more emotion on the field when Kevin is in. During passing plays Porter often appears indecisive and reacts much too slow out there. Time to forget about treating this season as a training camp for Porter. This is not a training league. This is an excellent team with a good receiving corp which is playing with great spirit. Experience should be leading it, before we start to see receivers bailing out, as we have in the past 4 years of crapping QB'ing. Labour Day should be the start of a new game plan for Marcel. Kevin must start! Nuff said.

Glenn is one year removed from being the MOP for the east. Looks like he has been regaining his form and getting back to being successful. All this stuff about Porter being the future is great, but bottom line is, right now the team scores more with Glenn under centre and that should be all that matters. The INT arguement is a joke b/c everyone throws INT's. Calvillo still make some mistakes that he shouldn't. Rookie or vet, its going to happen. Right now KG gives us the best chance to win. Potential is a dangerous thing. Is starting KG going to ruin porter for the future or something? The guy has never been in a position to watch and maybe get into a game. Hes watched as the 3rd string, but never as #2. Starting Glenn doesnt = giving up on Porter. Right now Glenn is the better qb.

I thought the poll questions were quite fair. They just gave a rationale for voting for each player, and the rationales offered seem about right as capsule summaries. They certainly don’t affect my choice.

I don’t know if anyone is biased about this issue, it’s a question of opinions and preferences. Those are allowed I think. “Nuff said” is never a conclusive argument to me.

BTW, I voted for Porter. He is still our “#1-A” QB as far as I know, and I don’t think he deserves to lose that based on his performance so far. However, there are good arguments both ways. Whatever Marcel decides is fine with me. Whoever starts… or finishes… has my support, and I’ll be there Monday to cheer him/them on.

I'm entitled. TYVM -- and without grammatical correction let's attain a fuller accuracy in your reply >>>

You, me, and the poll author however are.

Well said,stevehvh

I agree, Whoever Marcel goes with, has my full support. Whether it`s with Glenn or Porter.