labour day promotion

I think the labour day promotion of the team wearing "all white" should be cancelled.
why? will show the fans something,a little something,maybe a start,that the organization is worried about the football team and the direction its going,(south)..and not this stupid,useless promotion for labour day!..

you're an idiot

:lol: touche!

The cats are wearing all white as a " SURRENDER " statement

Who would want to buy a white helmet from such a disaster of a football team?

Save the white helmets until the TiCats get a new coaching staff and a respectable performance on the field.

That will not be happening with this bunch.

they are butt ugly helmets too

the helemts arent ugly there really nice. but there not uganna be worth it sence the team is so bad

Time to change your sig Makaveli, lol.