Labour day predictions

38 - 21 Ticats


We Win Who cares about the score.

Ti-Cats: 32
Blue Team: 25

Cats Win.

Ti-Cats 42
Evil Blue Team 21

Tiger-Cats 48
Blue team 17

Tiger Cats 33
Blue team 16

go CATS go!!!

  1. Get an early lead, the blue team will implode and the rout is on.

  2. If Kerry Joseph gets injured, the rout is on.

Dear Lord: If I promise to be a good boy this week, would you please send the Tiger-Cats a pass rush?

The Cats will win but it will be a close game.

I have a bad feeling about this game.If I were the Argo coach,I'd run against our defence. Joseph can win a game with his legs.I hope we win on Monday but remember John Coffey's advice in the Green Mile."Careful,careful" with the apparently comatose Argos.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

35-13 cats

The sun will come up tomorrow, that's the only prediction I KNOW will come true!!

But what if it's cloudy tomorrow?

It can't be cloudy without the

Cats 35 - A…s 33

38-10 Ticats

The Blue team is a wounded animal.
Wounded animals are dangerous especially when the animal has enough sense to feel the shame of lopsided defeats and assuming the blue animal has a memory .......?

I say the Blue team rebounds for that reason and wins.........

I kind of agree here: you know Toronto will be "bringing the house".

Perhaps. But the same could have been said about the Ticats, in recent years in particular. And the Ticats have been literally wounded lately, but not as much now. You can't count out the blue team, but I say...

Ticats 41
Blue Team 29

Cats 33
Argos 15

If Lumsden is used as FB with Caulley in the same backfield, it's going to be fun. The Cats do need to have some flexibility if they have a blocking back in, and Jesse could be very dangerous if he can release off blocks into the open. Motioning Caulley or Lumsden out into the flat will also force Toronto to adjust on the fly.

I think Casey will be on a short leash, but given the Blue Team's anemic offense this year, it may give him a little more time to get his game rolling. This is an occasion Casey and the team has to rise to!

Oski Wee Wee,