Labour Day - Parking at Scott Park

We're thinking of heading down to Scott Park early, to take in some atmosphere.

When is the latest that we can show up, to guarantee ourselves a parking spot?

I'd hate to show up and see the LOT FULL sign.

Thanks in advance.

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I would say earlier the better, if you plan on tailgating I would say 8:00. If your just parking I would say 10:00.

I you have to park in Lot J, then go early.. as they typically have limited "pay" slots and then they shut it down for the pass holders, especially for big games.. But there is lots of street parking around LotJ and the stadium.

Got there three hours before game time, and they told me it was sold out. I had the kids in back seat, BBQ in the trunk....

I hope the new stadium will be more fan friendly, because this clearly isn't

Some people don't need season parking passes.

Major letdown today Bob.


It's Bob's fault you showed up too late after being told what time to arrive?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Scott Park tailgate is a TiCat event.

Sorry to hear about your negative experience. If you ever decide to come back and want to park in lot J, I believe the Cats will allow you to buy a single game parking pass for a particular game in advance (pending availability). Lot J is always in high demand, and unfortunately, Bob Young can't wave a wand and conjure more parking spaces into existence. Parking will be an interesting factor in the new stadium plans, but short of building a multistory parkade, I'm not sure how many more spaces they could add.

And Bob tried to get the Pan-Am stadium built in a different location with more space for on-site parking, but forces were aligned against that outcome.

My apologies.

Silly me in thinking that three hours before the event would be enough.

Bob's parking policies push the sale of "season parking passes" and then they close off the lot to the general public.

Fan friendly it is not. Whatever you think.


Thanks for the tip.

I'll keep that in mind.

tc23 advised you to arrive by 8:00 am to tailgate so "silly" isn't the most accurate word.

Wait... so we should cater to you who may or may not show up for one game per year over the season pass holders who pay money in advance, and reserve their spot every week?

Really this is how you think the world should work?

First come, first serve buddy... and those people paid in advance.

You guys are a couple of beauties. Did you share a seat on the bus together?

Do you not listen to the most common complaints about the Ivor Wynne experience?

Almost at the top of everyone's list is PARKING, and shutting people out three hours (or more) before game time leaves a lasting impression with partial fans, single gamers, and the like. The die-hards like myself won't be affected.

What concerns me is that the typical "Ticat curious" family that went to the stadium for the first time today. They probably spent a few hours prepping, loading up their minivan, and an hour or two driving to the stadium. That demographic may not come back.


What do you want the team to do?

It was either build a new stadium at a new site, with plenty of parking available (either East Mountain or Confederation... there was no parking at WH), or live with what we have. There is a problem with parking at Ivor Wynne... and its not a problem that Bob Young can solve or he already would have.

The Geography in that part of the city is what it is... there is limited parking available... and not everyone can use the Scott Park lots that allow tailgating.

Those that pay in advance and reserve their spot are gonna get priority.... which only makes sense.