Labour Day Open Poll

Some people requested it, so the poll has come to pass.

Thanks for posting Hammer,
I voted for the 2nd option. :expressionless:

Went with an October opening. I really hope I'm wrong!

I really hope that it is open. I don`t care about thrills. I drove by on the weekend. There was turf, seats and score clock so lets play ball!!!

The cynic in me says October. The hopeful fan in me says Labour Day Classic in the new stadiuuum!

I'm with DarkenAngel. Unfortunate but true.

8) Do you mean Frills, instead of Thrills ??
  Then what about those season seat holders that have paid a lot of money for the so called Frills ???
   Is your heck with them,  too bad ???   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

As one of those season seat holders? I could honestly get by without some of the frills. Is the stadium safe both for players and fans? Are the food concessions open, at least the vast majority? Are the washrooms open to an acceptable capacity? Can people get beer and drinks without a ridiculous wait? Is security all taken care of?

If the answers to all of the above are yes, then I couldn't care less about banners, topiaries or the like. Naturally I want 100% done like everyone else. But I will settle for 80-90% if it meets the above criteria.

8) DarkenAngel, maybe you misunderstood me, I wasn't referring to banners and stuff like that.
I was referring to what you mentioned, such as safety,  food and drinks fully available , fully functioning washrooms, etc.

Perhaps I did! I would however love for them to be done if only so that I could stop hearing about it at work at this point. "Hey Ti-Cats fan! How's that stadium going?" Uuuugh, shut up dudes. It doesn't have anything to do with the team... so what would I, as a fan, do?

I have a buddy working onsite at THF. The talk down at the site is that THF will not be fully finished until December, and Labour Day is a bit of stretch.

He mentioned, and I found it quite surprising, that they have let go a bunch of general contract workers who are responsible for moving supplies, cleaning, etc.....

Drove by the stadium yesterday, as much as I want to be there on Labour Day, it sure dosen't look promising to me. Hope I'm wrong!

After looking at the recent work on the Stadium, I think Labour Day is in doubt, maybe as some fans say they will just open the lower bowl for the game but still so much to do to get ready for that?

Is the Roger's Centre open on Labour Day, it might be the only alternative??

I think that the oxygen tank after 2 plays might be optimistic with Calgary's front 4. I sense Demonte Bolden and company might flatten you. Just a little bit. I know that they'd break me like a twig...

Haha. Yah me 2

I voted #2 but could used the option 'hoping it'll be ready sometime by labour day and July 1st 2015' lol

I voted for a Labour Day opening...........Labour Day 2015 !!!! :roll:that is, if they're lucky !!!