labour day on elm street. re; taman

Leave it to Brendan Taman, (Doug Berry) has full knowledge the teams offense is in desperate need of rectifying the running game. That same head coach, reveals on his radio 'coaches show' that Charles Roberts is not the same running back he was 3 years ago. Something has to give. Does it sound to be a horror film, pretty close I guess.

And if you watch the plays they are running closely, you will see they have little or chance of succeeding. There is no misdirection, no clearing out of areas for receivers on crossing routes. It is probably the worst run offense I have seen in my 30 years as a fan.

I have seen better run offenses at the CIS level with a fraction of the talent.

This quote is from pigseye^. It's a wide eye opener.
  1. Does our OL seem to take the fall for this, if so, Roberts was really done.

  2. Fred Reid. Good or bad.

  3. Taman makes a move that shook the earth, (wpg at least) which will not be popular with fans. Just because Roberts writing was on the wall, does it make this any better - it might not.

  4. This has nothing to do with change. There is no reason to watch 10,000 yards anymore if it meant a shoddy running game. More supply and demand which the Bombers lack, a move clearly needed to be done.