Labour Day moments

Well Labour Day is fast approaching and with that comes CFL rivals going at it. What is your favorite Labour Day moment? Mine would have to be the Kerry Joseph QB draw in 2007 which was the go ahead touchdown in the game.

…2003 when Hervey lost his ever-lovin mind during a sideline altercation and swung his helmet around like a mace trying to hit a stamp…ended up clipping a ref and got escorted off the field for his efforts…thanks for the memories Ed!

It was a labour day game in Regina. As a Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan in enemy territory, we endured much heckling as my team needed two tds in the last minute to win.

Thousands of Rider fans were chanting “start your busses? aimed at the hundreds of Bomber fans who’d bussed to Regina.

Wouldn’t ya know, the Bombers scored the two touchdowns and won the game.

The stadium was deathly quiet as us Bomber fans chanted ‘start your combines.


Good times.

Pain. Excruciating pain. The pain of year in year out watching the Ti-Cats beat my Argos. We have more Grey Cup appearances, more Grey Cup wins and lose 7 out of every 10 LDCs.

Pure, pure torture.

Centuries ago, 1981 and 1983, the powerful B.C. Lions came to visit Ottawa. Riders stunned the Lions by 17-7 and 49-19. Wins were few back then, and the memories are sweet to this day.