Labour Day: Might not be going!

Just when things are looking peachy…

Been informed that my leave pass may not go through. That’s just wonderful. We’re busy right now… but that should slow down soon. Besides… I’m only a Private… how much are they REALLY going to miss me? ARRRGGGG!!! :frowning:

Okay /rant

That is all.

ps - I’ve already bought 4 tickets!

Dam Man Sorry Rusty that Bad News..

I'm coming from Sault Ste. Marie, Rusty.

I'll cheer for you when we crush the Argos!!!! :thup:

So the leave pass has been sent up...

Looks like I'll be there!

My VERY FIRST Labour Day Classic!!!

Go 'Cats Go!

Congrats Glad you Can Make the Trip Rusty