Labour Day Matchups

Just had a thought :

Even though I like the history and tradition behind the Argonauts at Ticats on labour day, I feel as though it would be better played (Especially now) in Toronto. The Argonauts now play at Exhibition, but if the game were to take place in Toronto, it would be on the last day of the CNE, which could be marketed as the CFL's flagship/key match up.
The importance of Labour Day as a whole needs to be pumped up ten fold, everyone everywhere in the country should be bombarded by it. Making the Ticats at Argos the flagship isn't to take away from the other rivalries, but it seems a natural fit with the EX, the airshow, and the unofficial start of fall.

Actual thoughts, not just irrational indignation :slight_smile:

How about a true battle of Ontario on Labour Day – Hamilton in Ottawa, that would be a nice change. :?

Labour Day in Hamilton is a tradition that should not be messed with.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: no messing with tradition please, this babyboomer dont like change :)

This^^^^^ :thup:
I am glad that MTL and OTT are now playing that weekend setting up a Labour Day tradition for these Geographical opponents

Absolutely not. The league and it's fans already bend over backwards as it is for the Argos. Grey Cup after Grey Cup.. the fans just simply do not respond. Leave the LDC where it is.

Nope never. Toronto could not care less about the Argos or the LD game. It stays in Hamilton. They have their game the week after with the Cats at BMO. Show up for that game and show you care about your team.

Another reason to usher in a Maritime team as team number 10 instead of Quebec City.

BC vs the Maritimes would be an East Coast-West Coast Labour Day rivalry.

If it's Quebec City then they would be paired up with Montreal, and Ottawa would face BC by default.

The Lions have built up a Labour Day weekend tradition against Montreal over the past couple decades, and the franchise shouldn’t necessarily become an afterthought and cast into the dustbin because of geography.

This may be true, but it's not like the league is faced with such a decision. I think the first market to come along with viable proposal (including stadium, owner, business plan, expansion fee, etc.) gets that 10th team, whether it's Halifax, Quebec City, or elsewhere.

About the Labour Day match up, I say leave it as is in Hamilton. Toronto gets the rematch the following week anyway. Just promote that match up. Actually, that should already get a good crowd. The league should consider boosting its promotion of itself as a summer event across the country in general as well as in Toronto specifically.

I have my tickets for the Labour Day rematch at BMO and I don't live anywhere near Toronto.
We know a lot of Ticat fans will be there too, but they need Torontonians to show up for this game, but it's a hard sell in that city.
It's a bit of a gift for the Argo owners this year, the Ticats play at BMO twice and fill the stands with thousands of fans that wouldn't be their for a non-Ticat game.

You'd have to have it either as an afternoon game in BC, or an evening game in the Maritimes, though. People out here aren't likely going to stick around for a game that doesn't start until 11pm local.

I think they're trying to use the EX as a draw to itself, and using Ticats as draws to other games, to maximise games that have something that might attract the casual fans.