Labour Day...looking ahead...

...don't like to look too far ahead...never underestimate the Argos...but Labour Day and the banjo bowl are right around the cornor...this could be a real sweet show-down....two high flying qbs. as of now....solid defences on both teams...( talk is Bean and Malbrough will be back)...Charlie vs, Cates...Bombers receiving corps as good or better than the Riders....this is shaping up to be a helluva prairie 'fire'....I only hope the weather holds in both cities...but i'm also sure both teams are prepared for the elements if its nasty....i bet Berry is NOT looking past the Argos .. but i would also think he's got one eye on Labour Day...Riders will have a weeks rest and great preparation time...the only advantage i see...GOBIGBLUE.... :rockin: :rockin:

....note to Berry.....After reading about the trade sending Holmes back to Sask. for out for Cory on the punt returns....i remember how he burnt us a few yrs. back...Special teams have to zero in on this guy, real quick.... :rockin: :rockin:

And I'll be at both Rider/Bomber battles. :rockin: I'm glad the Riders beat the Eskies this weekend 'cause after a week break on a lossing, they would be very crankie.

The good news for the Bombers is that they have yet to have a break out game on offense and defence. They have been scrappy and tough with some flashs but not a sustained 60 minutes. Let's hope it's right around the corner. :stuck_out_tongue:

im looking forward to 2 great games in a row!!! It should be very fun to watch!!

I'm cheering for you guys to sweep the Riders! As Turkey calls us the "Paramedic Crew" need all the help we can get as we mend!

Go Bombers Go!!! Papa, Piggy, don't faint now! :wink: :wink:

...WE'LL DO OUR BEST SPORT.....but ya know these guys are high-flying at the moment.....we'll just have to bring our A-game plus.... :rockin:

Im excited. My favorite games are Riders vs Bombers.

Dad I am very suprized you can look ahead that far with out forgetting who you are and where your at. Good now I will not have to fly down to Winterpeg wit the two shepards to go and track you down when you get lost again.

By the way go bombers go for those two games vs the Riders.

Careful RW2005, Papa may have a heart attack knowing that both you and I are cheering for the Bombers on those two games. I haven't seen Piggy in a while, so I think he is already in therapy after reading our Go Bombers Go Posts! :wink: :wink:

Pappa and Hank pulled their beer bottle money to send him to Orange County to see Dr Phil. Piggy will be back squeeling in no time.

Both games are going to be great ones. The Bombers are finally starting to get into full stride with their offence. We have not seen the best of the Bombers yet. The Riders do have the bye week right before Labour Day, and that will add some recovery time for injuries, very beneficial. The addition of Holmes will not only put a spark on field, but off field as well. Players are jacked up he is back and that excitment is contagious. With (Regina boy) Getzlaf signing, the city is a buzz. Another local player can't hurt the enthusiasm. This week is going to be painful. We have to wait another week before we can uncork that excitment into mayhem. The scary point again is, we also have not seen the best of the Riders. Look out. These games are gunna be wild. I can't wait.

Like some band once sang...
The anticipation is getting me down...
We'll sharpen our swords for the Boatmen...
Than we'll load the Cannons for the Green Riders...Go Blue..

Holmes is gonna eat up yards fast if the Bombers special teams plays like they did tonight.

red my know i;m alway cognitive of where i am,,,,,most times....Sporty you're right...what's with all of this fair-weather support....could it have something to do with the leos dilemma.. lol...and now my son wants the BigBlue to do the stamps a favour as guys can depend on us to exact the 2 pts....for ourselves...and if in the mean-time that helps you out....great...we're not selfish...heh heh.... :rockin:'re dead-on BlueBombers....pathetic is the word that comes to mind when i think of the Bombers special teams...i think there has to be some serious work done in this area....Giving the opposition excellent field position time after time because we can't tackle at this point in the yr....i say mentioned it before that AJ111 is giving us bad to average returns 15 yards..(although he has been pretty sure handed) but when the other team brings a punt back it seems to be for 20- to 30 yards ....Field postion is a BIG part of this game...and we are definitely getting short-changed....Berry better do something about this lousy performance in the Bombers game's costing us big-time... Alllllssssoooo.....Our secondary continues to have problems....Marlboro is out again after just returning (think its time for this guy to hang em up)...We need Bean back badly...and hope the hell Bolden decides to sign on with us....orrrr we are going to be floundering at this critical time of the year....Juran its time to come home.......... :wink: :smiley:

I'm getting tired of our special teams. How many times did we give up a fake punt last year? Wasn't there 2 in one game against Montreal?

AJ has been very average, he needs to start earning his money. I think we should have kept DD, at least he is doing something on returns.

Amen Papa... Iwonder if Rod Hill is still upright. or Ken Hailey!

When Rod Hill and Les Browne were playing together, oh the days..... :cowboy:

I still remember the game against Hamilton where Hill had 5 INT's! :rockin: :rockin:

Those were the days weren't they? The Bombers will be in the game if the special teams show up. Giving up 25 yards on every series of punts won't do it Sunday. I think some of those guys are starting to hear footsteps coming from players cut from the NFL camps. Something has to give. Anyway, best of luck to them.

Come on papa, I was waiting with anticipation of a Barrin Simpson Bomber Jersey arriving in the mail so I could wear it for you Sunday Afternoon! :wink: :wink: