Labour Day Logo

I loved that new logo and the white helmets. Too bad that they will be auctioned off, I would like to see it used on the black ones too. Very cool, and an easily marketable logo. I think they should keep it. I heard that TiCat fans don't like it. What are your thoughts ?

Hate it.

I didn't like the logo or the white helmets, but can live with it for only one game.

I've always been proud of the Tiger-Cat logo (the leaping tiger...vintage or current) because it didn't have the "swoosh". This "swoosh" thing was big in the 90s and thank God it's on the way out. Even the Argos got rid of that component on their logo and stuck with just the shield.

I'm sure some people liked the logo, though.


Why do you hate the logo and the white helmets ?


I didn't mind the logo (although I'm in favour of tradition) and I loved the helmets. But I can't say I'll be joining that auction.. mostly because that game is NOT one I want to remember. man.. brutal. Sure it's a piece of history, but not exactly one I'd pay for.

This logo has that same bad losing smell as the gold jerseys and both should be permanently assigned to history.

a wopping three bids....

at $240 a shot i wouldn't be bidding either.

Hitchcock, Shaw and Holmes.... the shaw one is kinda a surprise, other than that tho

what happens to the helmets that no one bids on?

i place my bid of five bucks for the rest of them.

six, I can donate them to the local junior team

6 dollars and twenty seven cents

The money goes to a good cause for sure, but phew the price is a bit steep for my liking.

Does all the money go to charity or only the after "expenses" amount. I'll bet the Ticats aren't DONATING the helmuts but rather selling them off at or near cost and the charity recieveing the excess. Thats the way other charity auctions work

i might be a 50-50 situation... or it might just be the ticats thinking

"well the helmets cost 240 bucks, if we auction them off for less, not only are we out $$$ but also we would have been better off just donating cash"

I've seen that approach as well

i'm not just another pretty football covered face Turbo.


Hope to never see it again.

Pehaps Mr Young should worry LESS about branding and marketing the organization and worry MORE about the product on the field.
I'm getting tired of the "I'm not a football guy, I'm a business guy' line.

You can't tell me that you were not excited to get Jason Maas, Corey Holmes, and Josh Ranek. Mr. Young did a fantastic job on the marketing aspect, yes. He also went out and told his staff to get a QB, done, a running back, done. He did what the fans wanted, and TiCat land was pumped about jason Maas. Don't say that the organization didn't make any on field moves. It's just bad luck the way things have turned out.

Maas - NO I was praying to get Eakin a full season

Holmes - Yes

Ranick - Undecided as he has been injured every year

That proves my point. The owner is not the one to blame for the way the players are playing. He and his staff brought in good players, and the players have disappointed.