labour day limericks

TSN 1290 in Winnipeg was hosting “Insulting Rider Limericks” this morning, so I’ll send one back:

There was a Bomber Fan
Who had the IQ of a can
He’d go to the beach
and be mistaken for a leech
What a loser of a man!

There once was a poster
Who thought he was funny
But he dropped his IQ
When he didn't think this through
Now he acts like a hoser

I don't have a limerick, but I have the Hamiltonian rendition of the The Argos Come Together theme.

Blow, Toronto Argos blow blow blow
Pull together and win, oh heck no!
Giving up points to the black and gold
The Argos suck so I'm told!

Cheer up Toronto Argos, wait and see
You might win the cup sometime next century
Not like those Toronto Maple Leafs
Blow Toronto Blow Blow Blow!

There once was a QB named Pierce
Who had every body part Pierced
Broken he was, and shattered
Only his ego, non broken and flattered

[i]There once was a DC named Rich
Who's defense this day, was made a B*tch
His defense gave up 30, that's right
To my Als the victors tonight



There once was a team from the Big Stink,
Who's fans always had too much to drink.
Shouting "10 dollars come on,
you can park here on my lawn!"
Cause their welfare was gone in a blink.

There once was this fan from Toronto
He complained like there's no tomorrow
His jokes were lame
His insults the same
He needed to drink to drowned his sorrow

I've heard about fans of the Boatmen
Never seen one but I keep hopin'
They say they exist
But I'd be remiss
If I ever saw one out in the open

There once was a team named the Bombers,
Who on labour day came to visit the farmers,
The wins are very elusive,
Yet there fans continue to offer up the excuses.,

They thought that things would change when,
They gassed their pivot Kevin Glenn,
They gave the keys to Buck,
but still they had no luck.

Now they come with Burke and not Lapo,
but they are sure to show that they are still crapo,
Then they'll set their sights on the Banjo bowl,
But will continue to dig their basement hole.

Riders suck! Go Blue!

Hows that for a limerick? :slight_smile:

I'll limrick you!.... :cowboy:

There was a Rider fan from Sask,
Attended every game with a cask,
After 103 years of pride,
And 100 years of heartbreak,
He now wears a paper bag for a mask.

Yer welcome!

There is a green team from Regina
That's been known to give fans angina
And though the talent is thin
I'll bet you a fin
That the profits have rarely been fina.

There is an old team from Sask
"But where are the wins?" you ask
Since their record is flat
and the bed they have shat
Beating the Bombers will be no easy task!

Oooookay. I guess I need to eat a little crow for that one.

There is a big machine from the prairie
Where thrashing is common but kind of scary
Though it's not grain that they beat
It's a the teams they defeat
And run up the score so be wary!


There once was a GM named Mack.
About football, he didn't know jack
Elliott, Brink and Buck
The Three Stooges all suck.
To the Grey Cup, they will not be back.

So that is how the Manitoba School System teaches about Limericks.

How would you like your Crow prepared: sauteed? Flambeau?

There once was a city of chumps
Who played at the Ivor Dump.
Argos walked in
Came away with the win,
The Big Stink’s on a four game slump.

Happy Labour Day to All My TiCat Friends…it was a pleasure!