Labour Day Jerseys

Pretty sweet! I got into town early for the Labour Day Classic and thought I'd take a stroll through the Stamps Store. I saw the 3rd jerseys that I'm assuming you'll use on Monday. They were so nice I couldn't help myself and picked up a Reynolds jersey. I'm not totally sold on the white jerseys but I like the red ones and love the black ones!

the look kinda wierd. it has the red shoulders like their away jersey, and a red stripe that goes to the pit like the black one on their home jersey. it still has the cool logo with the gun. im not sure if i should buy the black 1 or the red one.

it should be all black, i hate ccalgary but i LOVE THE GUNS ON THE SIDE

I never really cared for the Stampeders third jerseys, but there new third jersey looks outstanding, I love it. The only thing I don't like about the jersey is the numbers. I thought they could of outlined the numbers in red or something but its just white. So I bought a black jersey without the numbers.

Right below the guns on the sleeve it says "Quidquid Requiritur" Does anybody have a clue what in the world that means?

Just a guess, but "quid" can mean "why" or "what", and "requiritur" has (I'm assuming" as its root "requiro" which can mean "to ask, demand, desire". My best guesses would be "Why ask", or "What desire". . .something to that effect.