Labour Day in Saskatchewan

Do Labour Day tickets go on sale earlier than other games?? Just curious I really wanna go see WPG beat SSK in Regina, and wanna make sure i can.

hahaha. Nope no earlier then any other. as soon as tickets are open to the general public you can grab one up. Might be a sad day for you though.

y is that billy. me and my buddies got 5 tics for 200 bucks last year.

They just sell out really early, if you neglect to buy them when they first go on sale you’re out of luck.

I know theres some busses that get group sales, any leads anybody from winnipeg can give me? Oh, and Billy, I know your comment was in good fun, so was mine :slight_smile: I love our rivalry! Best in the CFL if you ask me. Anyways if somebody has a heads up please let me know. Can't wait for the 2008 season!

Agreed, on all points. Those busses might be your best bet.
I have unfortunately missed the last two labour day games (in Argentina and BC), but I definetly will not be missing this one. Go Riders.

And footballmad not sure what you are asking?

ya they do go fast, my buddy was on the phone the minute the went on sale

Labour Day tickets will likely be tough to get this year, so you'll need to stay on top of things.
There must be people in Winnipeg that organize group excursions, the bus trips mentioned by others, etc.
But if not, or you can't find them, try giving DASH Tours a look see.

Dave is a bit of a knob, but as long as he gets you tickets, right?

hey thanks a lot! i will check into this :slight_smile: