Labour Day in Regina

I kind of miss seeing the hill filled with people at the Labour Day game in Regina. One year I actually sat there when I didn't get my tickets early enough and it was fun!

I can't wait to see the Prarie Bowl myself!

There is no such thing as the Prairie Bowl, regardless of how poorly you spell it.

Say it slowly.....Labour.....Day......Classic.....hell, you can even throw "40th Annual" in there if you want to.....

I'm calling it that and hoping others catch on.

BTW, it's Labour Day Classic(s) Weekend, more than one game is called that at the moment.

I think the game in Regina should be call The Prairie Bowl, while the Winnipeg one is The Banjo Bowl.

There he goes again, changing things. 40 years of tradition, to be changed! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Labour Day Classic!

what's so wrong with it? they now call the game in Winnipeg the Banjo Bowl when before it was nothing, so what's wrong with nicknaming the Regina game?

Banjo Bowl is relatively new. It was born shortly after Westwoods remarks.

You explained it yourself. The Banjo Bowl had no name before, so it was okay to invent a new one. The Labour Day Classic already has a name.

The Banjo Bowl was nicknamed such for reasons other than some wingnut throwing everything out there that he feels is a feasible idea…

…and the Regina game has a nickname…this year it’s the 40th Annual Labour Day Classic…

It already has a nic, KK, Barrets Last Stand or Riders Embarrassed Again.

yeah, but the use of Labour Day Classic is also for the TO/Ham and Cal/Edm games as well.

I'm just trying to give each game a indivual image, that's all, if you don't like it, don't use it, call this year the 4oth LDC etc. but I'm gonna call it the 40th P Bowl.

Hell, I say keep using it yourself, though, KK.....I mean really, if your mission is to make yourself the most absurd person on the site, it'll help solidify your position, in that it's lunacy compounded upon the already established lunacy..... wouldnt have to worry about anyone not understanding what you mean by it.

after RK, my posistion of resident fool is in danger.

what do you mean mate?

Hey jm, since Kanga likes change, how about changing his teams name?

Please ignore the following:

Lets change the Bluebomber name to:

(A) The Winnipeg Blue Mosquito's
(B) The Winnipeg Blue Snow Shoes
(C) The Winnipeg Dust Bowlers
(D) The Winnipeg Wasps

Heck lets make a poll just for Kanga to make a change! :roll:

I know I am supposed to ignore it, but after this summer, definitely The Wasps.

.....I wouldn't count on that.....

he would probably prefer if we call them the action point kangas.

No, Its the: "Alaskan Action Pointers" :lol: :lol: :lol: