Labour Day In Lot J is Back!

Many of you will remember the Box J Boys and everyone in the Lot J Tailgate Community lost Johnnie "Dusty" Millar one of our own last year right before the Labour Day Classic. Out of respect for Dusty the tailgate last year was consciously subdued.

This year the Box J Boys are celebrating the Ivor Wynne's last Labour Day Classic the old fashioned way! Bands, Buffets, Celebrating Canadian Football with everyone in Lot J.

CFL Fans Fight Cancer will have 50/50 Draws, Ticat IWS Commemorative scarves and Ticat bottle coozies available for sale benefitting Hamilton's Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre at their tailgate as well!

We're sure Johnnie will be looking from above and enjoying a cold one himself!
Cheers everyone, tailgate remembering: Solo cups are your best friend, clean up after yourselves, have fun but remember there are kids around and let's show them right way to have fun at a Canadian tailgate!
Have a safe and enjoyable Labour Day!

Could you please ell me where LOT J is and when people start getting there ?

For a 1pm start, come anytime in the morning.

Awesome MAP !

Thanks so much Captain Kirk !

Anyone know how much parking is in LOT J

I would guess about $20 ?

Usually LOT J is $20, not sure if its more for Labour Day.

Call the office. You can buy prepaid passes. Might be sold out already.

Oh no CaptainKirk..... for the Labour Day game.... sooner the better!!! If you want a decent place to park... I would say come around 7am..... after that, everyone seems to come at once and it fills up VERY quick!!

This just in, the Purlolator Tackle Hunger Team will have the Grey Cup in Lot J from 9:30 to 10:45.
Bring a non-perishable food item and get your picture with the Cup.
At 10:45 they will take the Cup over to Ivor Wynne where you can donate there.
Just another thing to come early for, feeding the community!