Labour Day History

From the Toronto Sun … -a-sellout

Quarterback Zach Collaros has played in both markets and knows the history of the Labour Day game, but acknowledges it probably means a little more in Hamilton where the Ticat faithful take hating the Double Blue to new levels.

The Ticats are 7-5 since 2000 in the annual game that was unforgettably (and unforgivably) not scheduled in either 2011 or 2013. The Argos though have won four of the past seven.

In the game’s long history, the Hamilton/Toronto Labour Day tilt has been rather one-sided in Hamilton’s favour. The Ticats/Wildcats own a 30-15-1 record in the game since the first such game was played in 1948.


I wonder if the Tiger-Cats' winning record on Labour day has anything to do with always being the home team with the loud crowd as an advantage?

I wonder if this will be the HOTTEST game in Labour Day history. 31C - 32C with a humidex near 40C forecast for game time.

A little Zack! Even if Toronto gave a rats ass about the CFL and or the Arhols they still wouldn't care about this rivalry. Their heads are far to implanted up their arses to care about this.

It's one sided and it needs to end. We can make a rivalry with the Ottawa BUMCRACKS!

It's a good long rivalry and important in any game to have the fight between two teams. The Labour Day Classic between the Tiger-Cats and Argos has a long standing tradition between two cities in the GTA and a tough rivalry of many great players over the years and it's great to see and be a part of as a fan of the Cats and the CFL.

I agree the Hamilton fans are way more passionate about this game, our Tiger-Cats and our home Tim Horton's Field than the Argo's are when it comes to Labour Day because we are Loud & Proud Cat Fans.

When the Argo's take the field on Monday make sure we back our boys up with plenty of NOISE and drown out Trevor Harris when he calls the signals. We are the 13th man, lets do our part and make a difference as we do so well at THF and Bring home a victory for the Tiger-Cats!!