Labour Day Games - Stamps/Esks

13 men calls seem to follow Kavis Reed around, don't they ?

Tell me about it. Those types of penalties drive me insane. It's like getting a travel call in basketball. If you're a professional athlete, you shouldn't travel.

Lets not pin the 13 man penalties on KV, I would say Crandell has more to do with that. I'm sure the week lay-off has a bit to do with that plus with many new faces. Otherwise I'm quite impressed with this win Calgary was on a roll and we really took it to them Peach was very impressive today I see him being defensive player of the week . Calgary has a very good defense which showed in the first half half but we stayed with the running game and wore them out a bit in the 3rd.
All in all I liked what I saw today. :thup:

Greg Peach, Rod Davis had a great game; The D all around played well one could say. Schiavone/Duval was a good call too.

I’ve said it before Duval has been one of the best punters this year.

I'd have Peach as runner-up; I'd give the nod to Rod Davis.

Same here.

this one hurt guys. wow. congrads.

will agree to disagree but they both played strong games. :thup:

Bad comparison, the NBA lets traveling and ball carrying go far beyond what would be called the ref's at my highschool games. If the CFL called too many men penalties that way they'd let it go until 14 or 15 guys were in the huddle.

But, yes, guys have to know their packages. My understanding was that the switched up some of those packages to get extra 'back or tight-end protection in for Ray that weren't used much, if at all, this season so far.

Good observation robsawatsky, this Friday at Commonwealth The Esks will/should do a much better job on those schemes/packages.

The Esks did great on defense and did what they needed to on offense, very good effort all around.

What's the rule on time count violation? Sometimes it's loss of down sometimes it's 5 yards? I don't get it :?

Loss of down in last 3 minutes of each half.


Thank You :thup:

One thing I noticed also that is worth being mentioned; Greg Peach converted to Linebacker and played well; he's an asset for Edmonton, perhaps a natural for football smarts. For the game later: I feel the Esks will need to have their offense moving and a runback by Armstead would be sweet. :slight_smile: Burris should/will rebound with more focus/progress than what went on at McMahon.

Yes, that was a shrewd move by Stubler. Peach and Munoz outside, Davis and Sherritt in the middle. . . pretty good linebackers in a 3/4 defence !

Well, the rematch sucked. The whole game was just two plays. The TD at the end of the first half, and the Stamps catch in the second half. The rest sucked. :thdn:

True enough the game was not in Edmontons favour, but no one thought the Eskies would take 2 games in Calgary either. Still a plus from last year and Reed does get vocal on the sidelines; a good coach (chemistry wise) in the long run I say.

We won 2 out of 3 against the Stamps I would take that any year.