Labour Day Games - Stamps/Esks

Nothing to report on the Eskimo front unfortunately, but feel free to express your views. Thus for Calgary; LB McCartney is still hampered with a hamstring injury that has him being sidelined the last three weeks. Special Teams ace Marc Caliixe is doubtful for the Labour Day game at McMahon with a triceps injury and will undergo an MRI on Monday. Reports has it that Calgary maybe/are pursuing free-agent LB Justin Conn (Bishops) as a replacement, Conn has played one game for Montreal in July before being released.

If we don't start getting guys back, I expect us to be 5-4.

This just in via CFL news twitter: Centre Fiacconi has a torn Rotary Cuff and could be done for the season. Hinse is eligible to come off the 9 game soon either in Calgary or Edmonton. In the mean time K. Koch could slide over from his gaurd position and thus may see more game duty from Scott Mitchell.

Esk's confirm Fiacconi injury.

I hate to say it, but the Esks may be staring at 5-5.

After that Edmonton goes to Hamilton, then A Home game with Montreal, tHEN close out September vs the LIons at B.C. Place.
October; Home against SasK., then home against Winnipeg before going on the road vs Toronto then at B.C. before the last game of the season in November vs Regina at home. What's the end result guys? My 10-8 prediction is still in tact but slippin away I'm afraid. On the otherhand they aren't that bad of a team really......"NEED TO GET THE LEAD OUT AND MOVE IT" :expressionless:

Yea well Hamilton may be staring at 4-6 after the Als. Then with an Edmonton win over Hamilton, thus would make the Tiger Cats a bottom feeder with a 4-7 record.

I'm more concerned with Edmonton being 5-5...

Edmonton still gets AT LEAST the west semi home game.

whats the word on stamps? yesterday i heard he might play on monday.

Justin Conn was signed today.

I understand Chief on Edmonton going 5-5, the Esk's are -9 underdogs. There will once again be shufflin going on with Koch in at centre, hope Steenbergen has a great game as well. On the Esk's D....I don't know.
Stamps will play in Edmonton for sure I feel, but may see him in Calgary.

Im very excited for this game. thats for darn sure. lets just hope the stamps win, but by a few less points then last year!

We may lose miserably, but EE-HAWWWW our billboards are funnier than yours :lol:

stamps dont have enough money to buy billboard space

Funny isn't the word I'd use to describe it. Reed needs to go kick an ass or two in the marketing department. This team needs to do its talking on the field, not on a billboard.

Reed doesn't get into this stuff and i Haven't heard any coach that does. And further more, is all this does is get the fans into it more and more saying my team is goiny to whip your team so live with it. It doesn't bother me as I get a kick out of when the whole thing has a backfire kick to it. GO ESKIES GO :cowboy:

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That's one of the reasons I'm concerned with also, although 6-4 rings nice don't ya think.
ButfFor Tillman; He won't be at McMahon, big things happen when you're on the ball.

Like he says, you can tape the game and watch it many times. I hope he gets us some good players. Good luck. :thup:

Well, I don't think anyone expected this. :lol:

It was a pretty good game by Edmonton. The o-line was underwhelming, again, and the offence was a bit slow at first. I think the defence deserves most of the credit for the win. The defence stopped Burris and got him frustrated, and it gave the offence great field position on three of the turnovers, which eventually resulted in 21 points.

Now to see if we can continue this next week. It's always hard getting the sweep.

It was great seeing Ray get some rest in the fourth. :thup:

Totally agree, Chief. . . that was a great performance by the Eskimo defence, it was a treat to watch

One thing I forgot to mention: What the hell is with all the 13 men calls? We had 3 today, and I'm pretty sure we also got a few earlier in the season. That needs to stop. It's a stupid penalty that shouldn't happen.