Labour day game !

I think it will be closer then most think, but the Riders will prevail 32-20 ! We have had trouble playing 60 minutes and mistake free football all year. Don't think we will solve all those issues on the road against a pissed off SK team ! Let's hope the Blue put in a solid effort and maybe with a few breaks the unthinkable could happen ?

IMO, if we put in a solid 60 minutes, we can play with and beat anybody in this league...

That's what's been so frustrating. We don't show up until there's a few minutes left in the first half...throw in some dumb DUMB penalties and the odd drop and we lose...

Even if we lose, the Riders still have some catching up to do, :lol:

The Riders would have to go on a 77-game winning streak to raise their all-time record to .500. The Bombers, meanwhile, would have to lose 56 in a row to fall to that level. To reach the Riders' current level of all-time ineptitude, the Bombers would have to go 7.5 seasons without a victory.

A healthier Bomber team with Buck most likely at the healm against a struggling Rider team with a QB Durant who has looked average at best for the past 2-3 games, don't count out The Bombers in this one!!

In the last few years we seem to be playing a lot of teams coming off a game they should have won or were embarrassed in.Add that to the Riders playing at home and you've got a team hyped. Also, the bye week helps with injuries, but not with momentum. I'm hoping the boys can overcome the situation and learn from it. Maybe the new rec. can add some spark if he's playing. GO BOMBERS!

....we're going into this one a little healthier, i think we'll give the riders all they can handle and who knows...a break here a break there, a win isn't totally out of the question :wink:

Against us, PI killed you guys in 1 game, Hunt killed you with 60 of his own penalty yards in another, and you guys let yourself get down 31-7 in the first half and then decided to play.I'm not gonna lie, the very best I was hoping for against the Bombers was a series split.3/4 over the Bombers may seem like nothing to everyone else but maybe when the Bombers play to their potential it'll be appreciated more.All I can say is i'm glad we're through... for now :wink:

It's more the way we lost the 4th game ! Just gave you guys a gift ! One of those losses that may haunt us. Like the one vs BC last year !

Cut out the BIG dropped passes (these really deflate a team) and very dumb penalties and this team could have won a few additional games already. Add in a better FG kicker would have helped too in the close ones. It is mostly mental mistakes killing this team because they are competing well physically. Even the coaches need to shape up and have better time management and play calls for certain situations.

Sask's defence to me is over-rated and Bucky and Reid could have a good day. If the Bombers can get up early, they can keep the crowd in check. Will be a close one I think.

could be an upset in the making if u will.

No way they will win, with the way they have been playing,the bombers are going to be run over.

Ok which one of you is in the suit ? :lol:

18-17 Riders in the fourth quarter. . . seems to me the Bombers are hardly being "run over" as you say.

It's apparently your first post. . . word of advice from a vet. . . stay away from certainties such as "No way they will win". . . you may just end up with egg all over your face.

It's okay to make a prediction that you don't think a team will win, or that they have little chance to win, but you phrase it as a 100% guarantee, you may look like a fool when all is said and done; in the CFL, one never does know, that's why they play the games.

....Unfortunately like Buck we seem to fall apart....This team needs to get back to basic football and get ready for next year....The game was very winnable but from what i saw ...coaching and some playmaking has to be worked from square one....Refs. didn't do our front four any favours....blatant holding by the sask. o line seems to be a penalty not allowed to be called in this one :lol: Usually i think blaming refs. is a copp-out but anyone with eyes could see the obvious 8) Oh well ...back to the drawing board.. :thup:

I saw Goodspeed getting away with quite a bit tonight, just like he did when in Hamilton.Alex Gauthier leads the league in OL penalties but i'm more than certain that Goodspeed leads by far in non-calls just like Browner in Calgary with non P/I Calls.

I saw at LEAST 3 missed holding calls on the Bombers… so it goes both ways!

....the holding did'nt affect the outcome , however the refs really need to bone-up on those makes for better football... :wink:

I was going to make a new topic about the non calls, but as usual i would be called a whiner and peopl would think this was an excuse for the loss which is not the case. When you have a guy by the jersey holding him on the ground is blatant holding in my opinion, if you take a guy to the ground you have to at LEAST let him go, get up and try and get a tackle. I seen this about 6 times this game on both sides of the ball. Yes the refs need more consistancy, we've all said this all season.

I'm not one to blame the refs, but I saw multiple egregious holds on Bomber D-linemen that weren't called and led to big Saskatchewan gains with Durant finally hitting an open receiver on the run. Not sure how Sask's left tackle obtained free permission to put two hands on Philip Hunt's jersey all night. Pretty astounding non-calls.

In spite of the usual incompetence of the reffing and the situation we were in, I thought the Bombers played a hell of a game. The heart seems to back and I think we can look forward to next week. Buck payed for his intensity once again. He reminds me of Wendel Clark, gives 110% all the time, but it costs dearly. Not too many games we lose and I still enjoy the effort, but this is one of them. Where is Bernard?