Labour Day Game/Weekend

....horrible first half....don't understand a hand-off in the back-field on the last play of the first half...stupid... :thdn:

I think it was the smart play. Kelly knows they won't put a lot of points on the board and they are down 14. a TD would have put the Bombers back in the game.

They got to stop blowing plays dead so quick... all season they've been doing that.

yeah b/c if that interception would have counted it would have been fumble too.

I think he ment it would have been better for Bishop to have kept it.

I think the cards the BigBlue are holding up on the sidelines to bring in a play should have 'HE' on one card and 'LP' on the other....poor game desire and fire....might as well have mailed in the 2pts...I hope Bishops ol interception game isn't rearing its ugly head....not a good sign...anyway get out the Banjos....we were never gonna win in Regina anyway... :lol: :lol:

It started with the Oline looking like girl guides out there. They played better in the 2nd half, but got bullied bad in the 1st.
On the positive side, Bowman looked great and Edwards both going over 100. We had alot of yards after the catch for the first time all year.
We knew Sask was going to focus on stopping Reid, but there must have been something to take advantage of that.

NO kidding, talk about flat, that's the worst all around execution I've seen all year.

Some guys took their week off way to literally.

On Bishop`s interceptions? This Bishop Interception thing is really not based in reality! I know if people say it enough times, it starts to sound believable, but really its not real!

Tonight for instance it will be reported all over that Bishop had 3 ints, sure he did have 3, but its not quite black and white. The 3rd one was tipped, just bad luck, the 2nd int was because the receiver fell. The first int was on Bishop, the other 2 ? Thats football.

Interceptions last year in Sask? Remember, Sask receivers last year where about as good as Bombers this year. Takes 2 to make a completion. Bishop was not known for throwing a large number of interceptions when he was in Toronto! Hey Miller worked with Bishop in Toronto, he wanted him in Sask.

Durant had 2 ints tonight, while it`s true only one counted against him, he has 12 ints on the year. If Durant was throwing to Bomber receivers this year, he would probably have 20 ints.

The entire offensive game plan in Winnipeg begs for ints, much like Sask offense last year.If you dont believe me, take a look at Durants ints from last year as well as this year. Kelly really believed that the RB`s where going to run for 200 yards every game, so that sets us up for failure. How many downs where wasted trying to get the running game going.

Bombers could have won this game.

As a Regina resident I have had it with this BS. This is a great city and booming city unlike Winterpeg. Too bad you can't beat us on the field and to take shots at like this. If you are calling us a dump you better take a long hard look in the mirror. The Peg is not something special!

Having lived in Winnipeg for a few years I can guarantee you its a bigger dump.

Back to the Labour Day game...

That was a awful call on ther goal line at the end of the 1st half. Bishop is a big man, fall forward and get a easy TD. No, instead call a slow developing run play that starts 5 yards back. If your not going with the sneak, at least roll Bishop out to give your offence more options to score.
The Defence should be embarrassed for allowing 2 TD'S in to strong wind. At least the beer was cold !

I agree. I was hoping Bishop would keep, But Sask had been getting big pushes up front, and our guys could not hold them back. To me the play of our Oline in the 1st half lost us this game.