Labour Day Game/Weekend

  1. Can't wait to start the trek to Regina, would like to see a Bomber TD this year. Baby steps !

  2. Casino will need to be kinder this year !

  3. Hopefully have more then 2 bartenders at the Bomber social this year ! ( message to hotel, cash your pilsner empties in and hire another bartender)

  4. No Crown Royal Slushes before game this year.


Although, I was at the game last year and I think it was about 8 degrees at kickoff, and only got colder, so weather was probably a factor.

where are the hotspots this weekend.... my first trip!

Probably the pump, for sure after the game on SUN. SAT. they have a Bomber social at the Radisson, which is close to the Regina inn. A good place to start, then pick a bar. There are a few downtown. The pump is always good on Sat. as well. Let the liquor do the thinking and things USUALLY work out.

I hope you have a great time. Let us know if we need to set up a PayPal account to raise bond. :wink:

thanks for the info guys i had heard about the pump saturday also someone mentioned the drink? for saturday.... thnx for the info on the bomber social tho, just might have to swing by there.. and thanks hahaha

They also have a huge pre game party at a field across from the stadium. Should start around 12 or 1pm. That’s fun,lots of good natured trash talking. For the most part.
Buy all your beer/drink tokens there, you can use them at the game as well. It saves a person standing in 3 long lines. 1. token line (wtf) 2. drink line. ( you think they could just use cash ) 3. bathroom. NO TROUGH !
Hopefully the game is a good one.

Regina is a dump, don't expect much, except for the odd inbred looking to pick a fight.

Towelie: I'll back the suggestions of the Pump! Won't be very Bomber friendly, but that is a great drinking hole in Regina (hmmm - hole, Regina :smiley: , ooops ). Seriously, check out the Pump, wear your jersey and have some fun! Wish I could make it!

haha thanks guys but i dont think il be wearing my jersey to any bar haha im not a small guy but if the bombers win it could get nasty... emotions plus alcohol yikes! but me and my two friends will be in fully painted blue and gold jumpsuits at the game representing well!

No problem ,wear the jersey, it's cool. Especially at the pump,never had any problems.

How long dose it take to drive there?

....SHOULD be a good one....For the BigBlue to be successful...We have to KICK EM (not in the crotch but punting) deep....PICK EM often..(we have the ball hawks to get it done)....and STICK EM ( with great authority).....We'll let the green guys know they've been in a ... :rockin: :rockin: slobberknocker :wink:

about 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.

If that's how long it takes you then watch out for the RCMP. :wink: Google Maps says the drive should take 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 hours depending on the route but I think it's shorter than that. It is almost 570 km from CanadInns Stadium to Mosaic Stadium.

And you have to think the traffic could get really bad,with the influx of car’s heading to Regina from Winnipeg,and all those ppl trying to get out of Regina that live there,you likely should have left yesterday :wink: :lol:

Should be a beauty, looking forward to watch this tilt as usual, good luck to both teams.

I see a break out game for the Bombers passing attack! I feel it in my bones! Look for 3-4 td passes for Bombers in this one, should be a blow out :thup:

I like your attitude KF!

Thats funny coming from someone from Winnipeg.